Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Check Your Privilege BS

The entire concept is a condescending airhead catchphrase that shows how deranged and divorced from reality our Universities are.

In the real world people face and deal with plenty of adversity. The greatest adversity of all is poverty, It is a very important that public servants grasp the concept of poverty when performing their jobs. When performing a task one wants to consider are the deficiencies reasonably overcome when poverty is considered.

The claim that gays are oppressed is one that most of the gays I know would disagree with. Most gays would rather stress their commonalities with the majority than dwell on separateness. A joke is straight guys always get stuck with the check on date night so gays merely pay twice as much. That type of joke acknowledges a common experience that men of all type have.

In general all people deserve respect. However, it is okay and healthy to laugh together at shared experiences. A person showed me a picture of a happy Bill Clinton smiling with a gay couple. Funny, he doesn't seem to smile like that when Hillary is around expresses acceptance. The only person who might not laugh at that quip is the humorless Hillary.

The notion that certain groups need special time to air their stuff is bs. In a former job men talking about car parts was claimed by a female to be exclusionary. In reality women have plenty of topics they like to discuss among themselves. I don't recall a large objection when a coworker coined the phrase BFT or Black Female Time. However, if anyone joked about White male time he would be banished to EEO purgatory.

To a certain degree over the course of time my observation was it is not racial privilege that holds people back at work. Those minorities that advanced were able to do so by working well with others. The general rule is to respect others and  deal with actions. Jose is annoyed Biff didn't change the toner. This is caused
by failure to change the toner not cultural difference.

It must be stressed that the check your privilege crew is too insular to grasp that minorities themselves need to respect others. If you don't believe this watch the check your privilege crew disparage Black and Jewish Conservatives. People are not bound by membership in a group to think alike. 

Respect others is fine, but check your privilege is condescending garbage.  

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