Sunday, May 04, 2014


I am not the type to search out past coworkers or school chums. However, there are a couple early in my career that I have a soft spot for. My mentor in the logistics game is still in the field in CA and I have a fondness for him.

When one of my workers tracks me down I am always friendly. The new economy wasn't kind to my crew and I was educated enough to move on. I am surprised so many of them remember me over a decade later.
I no longer think of myself as a logistics man, but I was pretty good. I also left because I had enough. I saw the future and it was best to reinvent myself.

On Friday one of my supervisors I hadn't seen for twelve years tracked me down. He asked me about an ancient girlfriend I had forgotten about. No doubt this will not amuse the girlfriend as she sometimes reads this blog. When he asked who she was I had forgotten I lived with this girlfriend. Apparently she has not forgotten me and bugs my parents who despise her.

I never liked this guy as he appeared naive and was shady. My comanager who has long since retired stated
this guy stabbed me in the back. I went to a smaller facility and left on my own terms around a year later.
The smaller facility was more fun because the boss was the owners nephew who was cool. It was like Captain America and Bucky. I was third in command and had to run the whole show a few times reluctantly.
I did not like that as I prefer to be a technician working in my small area. However, I did the job but never wanted a higher rank. I was sick of the game and left.

I am somewhat concerned why this person would wait for me three hours until I left to get a phone number. I have not been hiding and with any effort my Linked In Account is easy to find. I am gritting my teeth at why this shady type is looking for me now.


Duckys here said...

You're never far from paranoia.

beakerkin said...

People do not track someone down after twelve years for no reason. It usually is something no good.

Duckys here said...

You owe him money?

beakerkin said...

Absolutely not.

Mike's America said...

I was looking through an old box of photos a while back and came across a number of pictures of people I've lost contact with. I did use social media to track down a few just to say hi and that's about as far as we got. Certainly not going to re-ignite a friendship that has now passed but just an excuse to engage in a bit of nostalgia.

beakerkin said...

Using social media is quite different from waiting at a persons
workplace. An email is a different
thing and as I am on linked in why
go through the headache.

Duckys here said...