Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Uniqueness of Anti Semitism

I am always amazed at the obsessive mania of anti semites. We have political cartoons who bend and contort themselves into human cartoons justifying their obsession.

What makes this unique is that far lefties like to play word games to disguise their obsession. Thus when you hear a lefty say Neocon they mean evil Joooish Wepublican. The neocon cabal bits are lifted literally from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

A familiar term from the Duck is Likudnick. This is commie speak for Jooo who has loyalty issues.A commie pointing fingers at anyone about loyalty given their history is rather comedic.

Kahanist is another humorous term by the Duck and his buddy Capo Ren. How an avowed secularist with Hindu family is an advocate for a Torah state is more comedy. Kahanists like Mad Zionist are very open about who they are. They are very soft on communism and consider pro Isreal secularists like myself a greater enemy than Trotskyites who advocate the destruction of Israel and rationalize terrorism. The Duck's pal Capo Ren was quite chummy with the Mad Zionist.

Moving onto more comedic examples of this obsession Openly Gay Dane 167 promotes and champions the cause of a people who persecutes gays. Sorry, but to the best of my knowledge
the folks at the 700 Club never had police beat gays but the PA does. Sorry, but championing Muslim rednecks while ranting about Robertson is too comedic.

We have the certified nut Motoy turning Bad Eagle into Stormfront Redux with anti semitic material that is unwelcome by Dr Yeagley. How a person who was a proud member of well known Communist Front group AIM for two decades rants about Jewish communists is comedic.
When called on this farce he whines. Sorry, but my anti communist credentials are greater than the cartoon Motoy who has decades of communist alliances.

Even Art Bell noted the over the top Jew hatred of 9-11 critics.


Ducky's here said...

Still hanging out at your friend Dr. Yeagley's. Is he out of the closet yet?

Yeagley probably set off your latest rant.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, check out Gay Eagle. His "Just Shoot the Mexicans" article is a stitch.

Your friend is something.