Monday, August 08, 2011

Mysteries Solved

I have been perplexed at the migration of Caribs from London to NYC. Every week or so I see people leaving and I discounted this to family reunification. Apparently, there was much truth in the tales of high crimes and perceived subtle racism from employers. The areas which these immigrants move to are not exactly the most pristine areas of NYC.

I am frequently amused by the ignorance and sometimes idiocy expressed at Harry's Place with all things American. Their token American contributor, Gene, is the planets laziest blogger who does zero investigative work and cut and pastes mindless material from Huffington. HP could get a more mainstream American, but that would not suit their agenda.

There are things that America simply does better than the UK. As immigration is central to our narrative we do a much better job with assimilating foreigners than they do in the UK. I have heard the point made by Indian Professionals claiming that despite the fact they were born and educated in the UK they were not viewed as English, but in the USA they are more or less the person next door.

There are racially tinged riots in the UK and some idiots took a page from the LA Riots and described the lawlessness as a "Uprising". Torching the area where you live and stealing from merchants is crime. None of this crime has anything to do with real or imagined violence by police.

Contrary to the rush to identify the Norway nut as a Christian the UK media is very silent about who is rioting. There is a racial component to this story and not reporting it because it doesn't fit the myth of the UK as an enlightened Socialist society doesn't change facts. I would love for someone to look at the Guardian and see if their editorials showed a similar bias when reporting who the rioters were in New Orleans.

The folks in the UK seem to think they are experts in all things American based on a few visits to NYC and reading Huffington. Many times it is obvious that there rants are little more than cut and paste BS from Huffington writers who did not even bother to listen to the show or read the blog in question. The familiar targets are Rush, Beck, Fox News, Pam Geller and any politician to the right of Col Bernie Sanders. I was amused at commenters from the UK swearing that Sanders is articulate and brilliant. The usual adjectives to describe Bernie are incoherent and off topic. I have sat through enough of his ramblings to know that in any comparison with an average politician like Little Anthony Wiener he is clearly an imbecile.

I am glad my country has Talk Radio and its citizens can express themselves in a free and open exchange of ideas that are protected under the First Amendment. The fact that your country does not have its own Rush Limbaugh speaks vollumes about the lack of freedom and cultural monopoly of a far left elite that only wants to hear its own opinions. Thus when one gets down to
checking the posts it is readily apparent that the writers do not listen to shows or read the blogs they feign expertise on.

A comedic classic is a smear campaign against Glenn Beck for alleged antisemitism in accurately
reporting the activities and quotes of George Soros. Soros is considered such a pariah in the Jewish Community that his support for J Street caused a major scandal and discredited the group. One can point out repeated lies about the support of Soros did more damage than the actual support of Soros. Beck is a consistent defender of Israel and the Jewish people and Soros support groups that do stoke populist antisemitism. Also repeating the material of groups funded
by Soros, raises all types of ethical concerns that would not be tolerated with someone like Ruppert Murdoch.

The recent Beck debacle has Beck being slammed for saying the youth camp resembles something out of Nazi Germany. Beck in no way supported the crime, but was guilty only of speaking a tad too soon. The camp does indeed resemble something out of the Soviet Union and the images from the camp are something that would embarrass a normal government. The labor party of Norway is so out of touch it feels no need to even rationalize images of the camp that did disturb plenty of people abroad.

In the rush to blame Bat Yeor, Pam Geller, Robert Spenser the media made several leaps of logic
that are beyond belief. Brevik cited multiple times that his problem was the refusal of the political process to allow for his view points to be heard. He then borrowed a page from the far left and their Muslim Allies and did a classic terrorism as brand awareness crime. Nowhere do any of the anti jihad writers ever advocate violence and their writings are explicitly anti terrorist. In the case of Bat Yeor her view of Palestinism as a religon are backed by the mindless
images from the camp.

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