Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fixing the educational bubble

Unlike those who talk about the educational bubble Beakerkin has a proposed solution to it

In order to qualify for government backed student loans the educational institution must cosign and be responsible for the default percentage. School A produces a 90% loan failure rate for its culinary grads and should be held liable for 90% of the loans. The accounting dept produces 20% and should be liable for a lower percentage. College loans are capped at 10% of a grads income . Colleges will have incentives to reduce loans and place their grads quickly.

Ending all non science, math research funding. Most of the research is worthless and produces little other than articles read by a politically inbred group of loons. Professors must work regular work weeks with zero allowances for nebulous research like Prof X's deconstruction of whatever.

Closure of all victims studies departments. There is no room in limited budgets for Angela Davis's social activism on my dime. Nor are political indoctrination courses needed for MSW students.

Revamping of the liberal arts base to include far more business courses. An English lit major should have accounting and finance classes as opposed to Sociology or victims studies. Non business majors can opt for educational classes so they are prepared to teach in local schools.
Those universities that balk at the new liberal arts base get zero loans.

Elimination of tenure and making the University Presidents responsible for hires. Let the Presidents of the University hold his staff accountable for the actions of his staff. Similarly, these
Presidents can fire Professors who tarnish the image of the school with vulgar political activism.


Always On Watch said...

This much is clear: something has to be done about those government loans for education.

I go along with most of what you've said here, Beak. Our nation does need to get serious about effective higher education that prepares graduates to get jobs.

Ducky's here said...

Come on Beak, be up front. Did you flunk out or just not get accepted?

beakerkin said...

Is that the best you can do comwad.

The Pagan Temple said...

The best thing to do would be to demand reform of the entire higher education system, including especially but not limited to tenure. Tenure should be either abolished outright, or it should be granted automatically after a limited period, no exceptions. And if a person is fired from his position, just cause must be demonstrated, and documented. Just cause by the way would not include "this professor supports and promotes conservative causes", or "this professor is opposed to the so-called science of Goreball Climate Change".

No funding, no grants, and no loans to any university or college who does not adopt these new rules, or to any student who attends them.