Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Thank You Pam Geller

I want to thank Pam Geller for showing the deranged activities in the Norwegian Youth Camp.
The labor party of Norway is a sick and deranged anti Semitic joke of a party. The youth activities do indeed resemble that of classic Communist camps in the USA. eck

Glenn Beck commented in passing the camp resembled a Hitler youth camp. The comments were unfortunate as they were way too soon after the tragedy. Obsessive mania and rationalizing the actions of an eliminationalist type of movement that seeks Judenfrei real estate seems familiar. Beck nor did any conservative I know justify a slaughter. This contrasts to the activities at the camp that rationalized the actions of a movement that does slaughter Jews and seeks yet more ethnically cleansed real estate.

The over the top anti semitic mania in the camp is reminiscent of cartoon rednecks in the old South carrying of about those Blacks. The far left is every bit as bigoted as the folks at Stormfront who they cry about.


Ducky's here said...

Man you one poor demented fuck.

beakerkin said...


I will consider your comments expertise as you are the gold standard of dementia.

The crime of the Norway killer is not justified by the odious nature of the camp. It was a terrorist action that in a normal society ( not Norway) would warrant Capital Punishment.

The obsessive mania about rationalizing the slaughter of Jews and creating additional judenfrei real estate at the camp is sick. The Labor party of Norway
sees nothing wrong with slaughtering civilians so long as Jews die for the cause of social justice of an imagined victim group. Given the actual history of the region, which does not start in 1948 for Marxist expediency, the notion of Muslims as victims is preposterous.

The Pagan Temple said...

It's too bad Gitmo isn't big enough to hold every leftist, Democrat, and Muslim in the country. Put me in charge of it and it wouldn't have to be.

Glenn Beck's #1 Fan said...

I think that the Fatah-International Socialist Party exchange agreement at the Nowegian Youth Camp helps explain why the Middle East has never experienced peace. Europe's Socialists are the world's second biggest terrorism enablers, behind the Saudi Wahhabi's. Their U.N. welfare for terrorists program has GOT to be terminated. UNWRA needs to be dismantled.... IMMEDIATELY!

beakerkin said...


I wouldn't want to hold all Muslims in Gitmo, just the ones who support terrorism. Placing Ducky in Gitmo would be cruel and unusual punishment imagine the poor Jihadi listening to Ducky talk endlessly about Brokeback Mountain, Almodvar and the Front.

I did a satire where I became the activities director at Gitmo way back when.

Socialists do enable terrorists and are the number one enablers ahead of the Saudis.

The Pagan Temple said...


You're missing my point. The idea is to cram as many leftists in cells with as many Islamists as possible. Maybe in some cases put one leftist in a cell with three or four jihadis and vice versa. But it would be interesting in watching the fireworks. The progressives like Ducky would get to see just what kind of people they've been defending, and the Muslims, well, it would be impossible to drive insane people crazy, so who knows what the outcome would be.

It would be a great experiment in social engineering, something a leftist should be able to appreciate while they "take one for the team".

Ducky's here said...

Easy there, Officer Strutter. That's pure defamation. I hate Ang Lee, a derivative hack.

Not much of an Almodvar fan either although "All About My Mother" is absolutely masterful.

I'm not sure what you mean by "the front".

Right now I'm getting next year's class in order. I'm definitely going to include Naruse what do you recommend? Sound of the Mountain, Floating Clouds, Late Chrysanthemums?

beakerkin said...

The Front is a your classic Commie bs about being blacklisted. It has the dimwit Zero Mostel.


I think we should start the Beakerkin
film festival at Gitmo

We can start with

and The Ten Commandments.

Not even crazed jihadis should be subjected to Marxist idiocy. That would be far worse than waterboarding.

Ducky's here said...

Oh stop, Exodus is a terrible film, very poorly made.
The Ten Commandments is pretty formula but it's a decent formula.

Why not try going up in class:

Au Revoir,Les Enfants

Shoa (criminal that this is OOP)

The Shop on Main Street

... much higher quality

Always On Watch said...

The mainstream media have made a point not to reveal what the youth were studying and participating in, in that camp in Norway.

So many of my non-blogging friends still think that Breivik went in there and slaughtered children in a typical summer camp.