Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Unfortunately there will be more Norway style killings

From time to time there are those who are mentally ill who snap. This is a fact of life and it does happen that one can not force people into therapy. Unsurprisingly the Norway killer was long term unemployed and had plenty of free time to sit in a rage and plot his actions.

There are those bird brained lefties who think that handing out welfare checks in perpetuity is a good thing and for political reasons they turn a whole segment of society into domestic animals. We have a multitude of examples of rioters being long term unemployed in the USA. Of course this administration has been negligent in its handling of the economy and Obama is perceived as aloof and out of touch.

In Europe the obnoxious left has basically shut off all dissent on the subject of immigration and the role of immigrants in society. It has actively sought to co-opt the rage of the under employed by attempting to gain power by stoking populist anti semitism. The indoctrination center activities are an example of the left trying to be more Palestinian than Palestinians themselves.

The refusal of the center and left to even address immigration and never ending demands on society by Muslim extremists has created a vacuum that shady operators fill. Interestingly the same lefties will talk about moderates in the Muslim Brotherhood and not grant the same slight of hand to the EDL which I do not support.

I think of Islam in society and ponder what is a legitimate concern and what is excessive. If Stephen Schwartz were to visit the proper respect would be to provide a halal meal. Schwartz as a modern man would not dream of asking people who think differently to drop the pork. It is common courtesy to offer a halal meal. It is an imposition if everyone is told to eat halal. Normal business is to grasp their customers needs. Thus in a place where Muslims and Hindus frequently travel such as a Guyana the airline fare is dreadful egg salad sandwiches. Maybe Christians should order a kosher meal in advance to avoid the dreadful food.

If I am in a mosque it is respectful to ask me to be respectful. It is also okay for a merchant to carry whatever he wishes to sell. It becomes an imposition if merchants are told not to sell alcohol and pork.

As for the absurd rationalizations from some of those on the far left that Western dress inspires Muslims to rape this is beyond contempt. This type of thinking was debunked in the70's and claims that Muslims can not exhibit the same sexual restraint as the rest of humanity is racist.

Playing the disgruntled minority as a rationalization for crime is a relic of backwards thinking from an ignorant age.

The notion that immigrants should find a job, respect others, obey the laws and not burden their neighbors with excessive demands is considered by the left beyond the norms of acceptability.
There are no shortages of under employed mentally ill people so we will have more political violence.

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The Pagan Temple said...

"Unfortunately there will be more Norway style killings"

Hey, I have an idea. We should send Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi to Norway on a good-will tour. Just to show they have nothing but the best of intentions, they should leave the Secret Service home. Just get out and mingle with the common, everyday Norwegian.