Thursday, August 11, 2011

The worst supporters on the Planet

The words of Pseudostinian activist Jody McIntyre, encouraging Londoners to torch their city are reflective of the genuine mentality of those obsessed with Psuedostine in the West. The hard core activist are really at war with Capitalism. These "activists" are deranged sorts that if we had depoliticized mental health clinics would be better served by long term treatment than by being given a microphone.

Psuedostinians have the worst supporters on the planet and would be well advised to rid themselves of such dubious loser types like McIntyre. The truth is that the Pseudostine Obsession really has nothing to do with Arab refugees. It is an attack on Capitalism aided and abetted by populist Joooo hatred. Commies, Nazis, Jihadis, Green and Anarchists united in a frothing toxic brew of Jooooo hatred.

The Duck will make a feeble attempt to connect this to Pam Geller. Sorry, but Geller has always advocated peaceful protest and respects the law. Commies on the other hand do time after time portray criminal rioters as "uprisings" and talk of violent revolutions.

Torching the place where you live is not protest, it is a crime. Stealing a six pack and a pack of smokes from a looted store is also a crime. Despite the imaginings of cartoon lefties this is little more than an opportunistic crime spree aided and abetted by social media.

At a certain point, we need to remind people that criminal incitement is not protected free speech.Thus if the people who are instigating these riots are caught they should be given lengthy prison sentences and placed with the most hard core criminals. The problem is that in the West we do not have the stomach to charge even the lowest instigators like Al Sharpton whose Diamond Merchant speech led to an ensuing riot. It is time that examples were made and the London Police make a high profile case against the ring leaders.


Ducky's here said...

What the hell do the London riots have to do with Israel?

Message to Beak, Israel isn't the center of the world and most all of what occurs in the world has nothing to do with it and doesn't care about it.

I'm sorry about your neuroses. Now back to filling out the form and having the little Maltese piss on your shoe.

The Pagan Temple said...

This is exactly why I don't give a good fried fuck when leftists are given a taste of their own god damn medicine. It needs to happen more often as far as I'm fucking concerned. I'm not impressed by this argument that we should put ourselves on a higher level than the left. If you will notice, no one agrees with that sentiment more than the left, only of course when it comes to the right though. That kind of attitude might make the baby Jesus smile, but as far as I'm concerned anytime a progressive gains ground an angel falls to earth.

Now the fucking cops in London are really getting tough.

"If you people don't stop this right now we'll-we'll-we'll-we'll-WE'LL SHOOT YOU WITH OUR WATER CANNON"

In the meantime, these cocksucking ANIMALS are busy targeting middle-class SHOPKEEPERS (which is who these apes define as rich)and then when its all over with they're going to bitch because their neighborhoods have no economic activity.

This is the result of cradle to the grave welfare and entitlements. This is what the left wants for America. You produce a nation of adult juvenile imbeciles who can always find a justification for these kinds of tantrums. And I'm supposed to feel sad when some of them get their just desserts? Bore me fucking later.

Lead to the head, Mr. Cameron. Lead to the head.

Ducky's here said...

Now I understand why you pinpoint Jody McIntyre. He believes that the police should be accountable for murdering unarmed Mark Duggan.

You don't want that kind of accountability spreading to Likud.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why aren't you writing about the demonstrations in Israel. Seems that the moron Nuttyahoo is in the process of crippling the middle class there just as Obummer is doing here.

All is not well as global capitalism continues its path of destruction.

Z said...

McIntyre HASN'T BEEN PICKED up for inciting riots? REALLY?
You know what the Left'll say "you can't prove it" :-)

This is how we're losing our beautiful Western society; idiot PC and an utterly ridiculous inability to connect the dots if the Left knows what the picture will be and doesn't like it.

beakerkin said...


McIntyre is a Marxist turd and should be locked up for incitement.
His actions in the riots show Pseudostine is central to the war on Capitalism.

You don't pick the topics on this blog. FYI The one that brings Israe into posts that are unrelated is you. Earth to Communist Duck your obsessions are clear.

As for your comments about Capitalism you are in error. What is dying is big government socialism. There simply isn't enough money to pay for this crap.
Last we checked Hugo's crack den is still a slum.