Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Lord

The real reason I left Bad Eagle was the constant use of race in the most toxic and obnoxious manners. The good Dr has an obnoxious post about Negros rising. This is typical of his racial obsessions that take every event on the planet and place a racial spin on it.

Race exists with many other variables in a big mix of jumbled numbers. Moreover, the riots started in the West Indian and not African Community. Crime in the West Indies is much higher
than elsewhere. Many people think their Club Med trips are indicative of life in the Islands. In fact away from the highly policed tourist areas it is very dangerous. Nationals of these areas are afraid to return home because of the crime and everyone sticking their hands out.

Way back in the 80's I had the misfortune of sitting in a forum where Michael Manley spoke. The man was unfocused and incoherent. He was asked a series of marijuana questions and the standard bs about colonialism. I asked a simple question and was chastised for it. "How do you plan to develop the economy beyond tourism". This is a very real question that every politician
should be able to answer. Manley could not answer and my guess was he had no plans other than the status quo.

There are many factors behind riots and race is one of many. Right now we are in an era of desperation. Reagan isn't here with the "we can do it spirit". We elected an empty suit with no leadership ability on little more than droning on about hope and change and a Pepsi knock off logo. To many Obama was a symbol of a post racial America. Yet we are more polarized than ever. Part of the reason is that we did discuss the evils of race based criticism. However, we never got around to mindless race based support of a person clearly unqualified for the job. There was preposterous talk of Obama by many of his supporters in messianic terms. Whereas Reagan inspired confidence Obama is viewed as even more clueless and aloof than Jimmy Carter. You wait for Obama to lead and wait and wait .... There isn't a sense that the good times are on the way. The spirit is that things are going to get much worse.

Riots also are crimes of opportunity and many studies show that unemployment, education and
family structure are also involved. There is the sense of entitlement and that the group can get away with it. People will do things in groups that individuals would never do. There is also a real belief that they will not be held accountable. To a very large extent those on the left who talk of uprisings and impede prosecution of rioters are responsible for exacerbating existing problems.
The example we used yesterday was a leftist turd McIntyre urging people to burn London and our Communist Duck rationalizes this as concern about Police brutality. Burning property and theft are not social activism and the dementia of the Duck is evident. Nor is any concern about a
specific case a rationale for anything other than peaceful protest and pressuring government.
However, when communists like Ren talk of revolution they imagine themselves whiping a mob into a frenzy. The truth is that if a Commie like Capo Ren ever went into one of these areas and started talking about Trotsky in the middle of a riot he would be quickly robbed. If anyone listened they might be bored to sleep.

Race is merely one variable in a greater mix. One can walk into the homes of many Haitian professionals in Brooklyn. The question is why can they build a success here and not at home. The unpleasant response is the preponderance of corruption as a way of life, mindless lawlessness and government by the most corrupt and inept. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Haitians, Guyanese and Jamaicans as a people. The problem starts with a mindless anti colonial mindset that objected to one form of colonialism and instilled a different type of colonialism by a series of Marxist buffoons. The odd part is that Obama himself according to D'Sousa ascribes to this same mindless anti colonial 60's relic Marxism. Instead of building a future the warped Obama is more interested in social engineering and big government.

Race does not exist in a vacuum in America or elsewhere. It is part of a larger picture that mindless racists seek to abuse for their own ends.

We do need a leader to unite us all in the Big Table American spirit and say we can create jobs
and build a future. This is a task that appears beyond the abilities of Obama, but I would like to be proven wrong as many good people are out of work and hurting.


Ducky's here said...

Why were you at that hate site in the first place?

"Dr. Yeagley is a friend"

Thersites said...

This is most certainly a ring of Gyges "crime of opportunity" facilitated by the "political correctness" of preventing shopkeepers from maintaining order in their own stores by requiring them to not "closely watch" people who suspiciously NEED close watching. No, not every black (white or Hispanic) kid in a hoodie needs to be supervised, but when ten come in with hoodies and loose clothing, it's NOT unreasonable to allow shopkeepers to restrict entry and only allow a manageable number in their store at a time. Flashmob robberies find anonymity in saturating anti-crime defenses, much as Russian saturated missile attacks saturate CVBG defenses. These restrictions would not be "racism" and should not be "exploitable" by grievance groups as signs of racism. Unfortunately, they are. That's how Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make their millions.

The Pagan Temple said...

If you want a perfect representation of the "leadership" of Barak Obama, all you have to do is make a bronze statue of him and stand it outside the white holding a little ring in one outstretched hand. That's all the hell the cocksucker is, the goddamned Democratic Party White House Lawn Jockey. Nancy Pelosi and others of her ilk might well see him as the Democratic Party Mandingo. There would actually be some validity to that comparison too. He's probably the only pencil dick in history who can brag in all honesty that he's fucked a whole country.

Alligator said...

Beak, Gallup poll out today says that 80% of American Muslims support Obama. No big surprise, but the same poll also shows that 65% of American Jews support Obama. That's one that I thought would be going even a little lower now.

Haven't seen a recent poll about his support by blacks, but I suspect ti is still close to 90%. Second hand I've heard his support has dropped among Latinos, but I haven't looked for any polls on that. I'm always a little dubious of poll numbers, but sometimes they are useful in indicating trends.

beakerkin said...

My guess is that the number had to decrease but when numbers like 90% are discussed some of that is normal math.

The Obama numbers with Muslims and Jews are where I expected. Even Carter was not this anti Israel until he left office. However, many Jews are strictly company men and will blindly follow anyone on the left no matter how odious.

I do not ever remember an era with such despair. There is the notion that we are down and not getting back up.