Thursday, August 04, 2011

My family and yours

People who read this blog long term know that I am an advocate of the big tent.

If you are a citizen this is your country and you should have pride. As Americans my rights are a given and I respect the rights of others. My Hindu daughter does not eat beef or pork. I refrain from doing so in her presence so we can share a meal. I asked my parents to order poultry but the Tranquil Sea chided me for imposing on them. My parents did order poultry anyway as it was a small matter.

In a nutshell it was a simple action most of us Americans do every day. We try to accommodate those who are different in good faith as we are tolerant.

There are those who seek to tear our house down so we can live in a Marxist lite EU utopia of their imagination. They seek to divide our house and eliminate our traditions and history. They rush to foster dissent and turn eBlack very incident real or imagined as an indictment against our house. An Muslim American patriot has to be a fake Muslim if he doesn't agree with the left. A Black who disagrees with the left is called an Oreo, Aunt Jemimah and can be slurred by the left with no fanfare, ask the Duck. Gays who aren't far left are told they aren't real gays.

In America you are as you wish to be, we define ourselves for better or worse.

The members of the far left aren't American and they do not view themselves as such in any meaningful manner. We would be best served if they would emigrate and they should be encouraged to do so. If not treat them as quaint imbeciles who belong at the kids table.


Ducky's here said...

We try to accommodate those who are different in good faith as we are tolerant.


Does that include threatening to send people to camps you demented Nazi?

The Pagan Temple said...

People that threaten the constitution need to be put in camps. People like that need to be re-edumacated until they learn to drop their fascist, Nazi, socialistic commie ways.

This country is a republic with guaranteed liberties and justice for all loyal Americans and a free-market economic system, and anybody that doesn't agree to adhere to that needs to either get with the program or get the fuck out.

Islam should be outlawed too as a political doctrine as much at odds with the constitution as any communist doctrine. Homosexuals should be content to practice their queerdoms in the privacy of their own homes and otherwise not count on any special rights, not should any other minority or special interest group.

Americans have equal rights and protections under the law. There are no special rights or privileges based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity.

However, commies, Nazis, and Islamists are not welcome to subvert the constitution of the country they live in. The unions need to be reined in too. There should be no public employees unions (sorry Beak) and the government should not be obliged to or even willingly agree to limit contracts to union business.

Time to put the hammer down on the bullshit.

beakerkin said...

Jew/ Nazi comparison cliche Jew hatred from a Commie.

beakerkin said...

Ultimately, communism is the top enemy stirring up trouble wherever it goes. We would be a much better country if commies would depart, but we would lose our values if we did it by force.

The Pagan Temple said...


No we wouldn't lose our values. Anybody that doesn't agree to adhere to the constitution needs to get the fuck out. If the constitution isn't good enough for certain people, we have a process called the Amendment Process. It was embedded into the Constitution in order to allow it to grow and evolve with the times in a natural way.

But see, that's not fucking good enough for the fucking left. They can't be bothered with the Amendment Process. It's not good enough for them. So instead of that, they want to appoint these punk-ass judges that will look at one part of the Constitution or another and tell you that it means the government is obliged to pass out free lollipops and pony rides to the little kiddies and everybody should be fine with that, and of course the rich should have to pay for it.

No get their asses out of here, the Muslims too. Like I said, they are a political ideology as much as a religion, and their values and beliefs are in contradiction with ours. We should not be obliged to have to put up with them.

The same with the commies. Send their asses packing. You see what happens whenever somebody goes off the rails and puts a cap in their ass, they want to fucking whine about it, then want to bitch because we don't show suitable remorse.

Here's your remorse, Ducky. Boo-Hoo Hoo. Satisfied?