Saturday, August 06, 2011

What is the Duck's fascination with Dr Yeagley

I do not grasp why the Duck is so fascinated with Dr Yeagley. The man had his day and lost it in a toxic mishmash of mental illness and creepy bigotry. Nobody of note reads the poor man's musings and my own role at the site was limited to posts in the Jewish forum and a few flame wars with a mixed bag of folks some of whom became friends and one beyond contempt.

Personally, I do not care one way or another if Yeagley is or is not gay. This aspect of his life has nothing to do with his musings. In fact if a conservative were to make similar repeated musings about Prof Norman Finklestein the Duck would rightly be singing a different tune.

The Duck feels as a leftist he is free to gay bash, toss racial slurs and engage in the most base forms of mindless Joooooo hatred. No doubt if any of this behavior was done by me he would be screaming.

Now the Duck has a fascination with my imagined readings of Debbie Schlessel and chance meetings with Pam Geller. I have met her in passing and she posted one here a long time ago. Every now and then I read her site, but I certainly have read the creepy sites of Capo Ren, Troutsky and many other sites.

Pam has an open comment board and is certainly not shy about airing her views and defending herself. The Duck could easily comment there and be ignored.

The Duck incorrectly assumes that I have a problem with Muslims. My problem has always been with Marxists who are trying to undermine the USA and have been stoking populist Joooo
hatred since their earliest days.

As an outspoken big table American Nationalist, I respect others who wish to live in peace and obey the law. Our founding fathers created a system of rights that protect the far left. Thus I am not bothered by their rhetoric so long as it remains within the law. Should they ever try to violently have a revolution in my country I would take up arms and dispense a form of social justice they would not appreciate.

Most Muslims in my country wish to live peacefully. Few have the courage to speak out, but this is an all too human reality. Sadly, from personal experience I know how many follow the herd even as the herd does the wrong thing. Few of us have the strength of character to fight for their beliefs when popular sentiment goes the other way. Humans are pack animals and most of us are followers not leaders.

Thus I applaud Stephen Schwartz who left the far left and today fights against those who would make a mockery of his faith. Schwartz has questioned the ling term impact of Muslims aligning themselves with hate America leftists. It is hard to say but the most pernicious manifestation
of Islam are being advanced and pushed by their far left allies. Dershowitz calls this phenomenon being more Palestinian than Palestinian's themselves. The truth is there would have been peace generations had the far left not deemed populist Joooo hatred so essential to their future plans to overthrow Capitalism.


Ducky's here said...

Let's go real slow for Beak.

Gay Eagle is an entertainment site. I am fascinated when a closeted white power advocate can attract attention.
What I have not managed to do is understand someone who did not immediately recognize that the guy's an ass rack and writes something like "Dr. Yeagley is my friend".
Never met a Fascist you didn't like.

You respect people who wish to live in peace? Well, so long as Pam Geller tells you who the approved groups are.
If the group is Norwegian adolescents at an outing you immediately show your colors with a cheap play of the anti-semitism card. You make a cheap stereotypical clown of yourself.

You hsve a problem with Muslims who don't toe the Likud line. They stay in line like good little ragheads and you're mellow.

Yeah, if they live peacefully ON YOUR TERMS.

Keep playing the anti-semite card, Officer Strutter, it's all you've got to hide your bigotry.

beakerkin said...


In your case being a genuine fascist would be some sort of self improvement from being a Commie.

Yeagley was my friend and I bear the man no personal animus. He did not wrong me personally in any way. My role was strictly limited to the Jewish areas where 90% of my comments are located,

Yeagley has dreadful ideas about race and patriotism. He calls his foes the "Beakerkin Group" as a result of our heated fights. He could not deal with my making him look absurd and asked me to leave.

Actually, the social contract is a time tested way of dealing with immigration. Get a job, Obey the laws and respect others. Those are
the terms that governed immigration from its inception to this country. As your kind is prone to lawlessness and seeks the overthrow of Capitalism it is not a shock that you would object.

Pam Geller was 100% correct in highlighting the over the top obsession with Jews and support for terror in the Norway camp. This has not changed my description of the events as a crime. You are merely bothered because one again Pam has shown the rabid bigotry that your kind denies exists. Even in Harry's Place many of the left's defenders note the odious activities are beyond the pale. Up until the pictures were published it didn't hit home.

As far as my stance attorneys and community leaders from all walks of life respect my vision and dedication. Those in the know would think you are out of your mind.