Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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I am not excusing or rationalizing the crimes of Brevik. However, the far left and their media henchmen have spun a series of lies about what caused the carnage at the indoctrination camp that clearly does warrant a response.

There has been much focus on the writings of Jihad Watch, Pam Geller, Daniel Pipes and Bat Yeor has ever rationalized violence in any of their writings. Unlike the far left critics I have read the authors multiple times and need not resort to selective quotes. All of the writers listed above object to the violence frequently rationalized by the far left and their MSM henchmen.

The notion of terrorism as a branding publicity stunt is a far left invention from the Soviets, to the Red Army, PLO and Bill Ayers. This tactic was later adopted by Al Queda and Islamic loons at Beslan. In essence Brevik was imitating the actions and strategies of the far left he despised. The far left has pretended that Muslim terror is a rational excercize and the response from the far left after 9-11 was "Why do they hate us" and then many spun a series of mostly anti Semitic
9-11 conspiracy theories.

The real truth about who rationalizes terror in Norway comes from the photos of the political indoctrination camp. The camp does resemble a classic Stalinist Camp with plenty of populist Jew hatred stoked to a fever pitch. The folks at the camp have zero problem with terrorism so long as Jews or whomever else the far left thinks deserves to die for the cause is the victim.

Bat Yeor talks of the Palestinianization of history and Palestianisn as a religion. There is much truth to the near religious mind consuming obsession with Israel and Arab refugees as sainted martyrs. There is near comedic claims that the folks in Gaza are living in a concentration camp near starvation. A concentration camp does not have four star hotels and a water park and store shelves loaded with food. If conditions are less than stellar it is the fault of the theological Nazis
who have no intention of providing goods and services and building a viable economy. In fact the refusal of the far left imbeciles to hold the Arab refugees to any level of normal behavior has only led to more violence and has hurt the very people they claim to care about. The folks in the camp
don't really care about peace. They seek the destruction of the State of Israel and seek to enable
the folks at Hamas in their desire for more Judenrhein real estate. There were zero signs telling Arabs to stop butchering civilians like the Fogel family. In fact the Arab states celebrate the most reprehensible child killers instead of prosecuting them.

Moving along to Brevik who ascribes to many kook ideas. Brevik planned the actions long before
many of the above named sources blogged. Brevik wrote of being marginalized in what amounts to a one party state. While officially a democracy the Labor party of Norway has been in uninterrupted power almost as long as the Soviet Union. This dominance also extends to the media and educational system. Brevik thought that by creating a classic branding type of crime,
his message would reach beyond the stifling dissent.

In essence one party dominance is an RX for disaster. A typical example is your far left faculty in the USA or the UK which is divorced from reality. Most of us agree that having terrorists set educational policies is a bad idea. However, the far left cabals have granted jobs and platforms to criminals who frequently were not even qualified for the very jobs they were hired for. The result is that we get far left bomb throwers competing against each other to be the most shrill and divorced from reality. A sterling example of this is the academic in the UK that forwarded material published by David KKK Duke thought her actions were above reproach. In the case of
Norway you have a similar dominance by a smug self righteous group of zealots who do not grasp
how demented they look to outside observers.

A healthy society requires balance and the free speech is my birth right. There are those in Europe who are outraged by Talk Radio shows they never listen to but are experts in. I would rather live in a society where Rush Limbaugh and those who disagree can present their views. I do not recall Conservatives having a mania about the NYT or Huffington similar to the hyperbolic mania about Faux er Fox News. If you don't like Fox switch the channel. In Norway those opposed to the labor party have fewer options.

The left may not like any other views, but they are needed to keep politicians in check, keep corruption down and make sure we do not look as deranged as the Labor Party of Norway.


The Pagan Temple said...

Quick, does anybody remember the exact date Brevik gunned down all those people at that "summer camp"? I need to mark it on my calendar so next year I can hold my first annual observance of not giving a fucking shit.

Ducky's here said...

I do not recall Conservatives having a mania about the NYT ...


Are you freaking awake?

You and the rest of the low functioning don't refer to the "lamestream media" and "the drive by media"? Go over to z's and see if she isn't popping a vessel complaining.

You mouth breathers wouldn't know hard news if it bit your unit.

By the way, did you listen to the excellent Barbara Ehrenreich interview on Democracy Now yesterday?

Ducky's here said...

The notion of terrorism as a branding publicity stunt is a far left invention from the Soviets, to the Red Army, PLO and Bill Ayers.


You forgot Irgun and the Stern Gang but keep digging. It's fun reading these rants when you know you've been found out.

Say Hi to Pam, the model of tolerance.

Thersites said...

London burning...and no mention in any news reports of Leftists or union scum, despite the fact that the organizers are ALL Leftists and Union scum.

Talk about the cloak of invisibility endowed by the liberal press ring of Gyges...

Ducky's here said...

Farmer, you have no more freaking idea than a hammer how the riots were organized or not as it may be.

Elmers Brother said...

There are professors involved so that includes the unions and the left. Nuf said