Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago my city was attacked by crazed religiously inspired loons. This was not the first or last time my nation was attacked by religious zealots. In fact I had survived the previous blast at the WTC.
This does not mean nor infer that every Muslim is a terrorist. However, other than the CIP and Stephen Schwartz we see next to no Islamic leaders saying Houston we have a problem. Instead we get spin and equivocations from the usual media darlings. The notion that repeated acts of pointless mindless violence hurts the cause and practitioners of Muslims everywere has failed to register outside the CIP.
The reality of 9-11 till does not get appreciated by most Muslims and their far left Marxist henchmen. Building a foreign funded mega mosque blocks from the greatest war crime perpetuated in the name of Islam is entirely legal, but stupid and disrespectful to the American people.
America was stabbed in the back after 9-11, but this is what the far left always does. When a rabid
dog or a snake acts true to form we shouldn't be surprised. Thus the plethora of mostly far left
conspiracy cranks mostly blaming er dem Jooooooos is what good lefies do. Those who pretend
that Marxists are Jews need look no further than the actions of Rabbi Snagglepuss and Prof Zinn
signing conspiracy petitions fully aware of the anti semitic mania in the ranks of the 9-11 conspiracy crew.
On that day, I changed my life and dedicated it to public service. My observations have sometimes put me at odds with those to my right whom I respect. It is about serving the public in the most noble of tradition, nothing more. The parasitic bird brained Duck who teaches doodling would be surprised at who celebrates and honors my work.
The truth is while those on the far left feign relevance in pot smoke filled faculty lounges, big media cocktail parties and in boehemian enclaves of depravity. The truth is it is the Beakerkins, Beamishes, Warrens, AOW, Z and so forth who do each and every day without notice that make this nation great.
Beamish in 12


Ducky's here said...

Still spouting the Pam Geller line, eh.

When are you going to disown that rabid freak?

Keep filling out the forms.

beakerkin said...

Leave it to Commies to cry about McCartyism and impose a modern form based upon their imaginations while crying about actual ties of a genocidal cult.

How many years will it take Geller to reach 100,000,000. Add all the fake Pseudostinian Jenin massacres and about 100,0000 Norwegian nuts and you might get there in 5000 years. That is assuming Chavez, Assad, Mugabbe and so forth do not add fresh corpses to Marx's account.

The Pagan Temple said...

Beak sorry your comment didn't go through at first, but I put it through. Amazing I can't get rid of that sorry fuck Shadowhawk but Intense Debate puts your comments in the queue. Shadowhawk is a perfect example of a leftist piece of shit and how they are good at making threats. But if they get what's coming to them and you say good riddance, you're somehow a bad guy just for failing to cry and get all tore up with grief over it.

As for 9/11 I don't agree with Bloomberg hardly ever, but in this case maybe he's got a point. If we have to put up with a bunch of fucking ragheads on 9/11 of all days maybe its best to ban all religions from being there. It's a fucking shame. On the other hand, having them there wouldn't be any worse or any more hypocritical than having a bunch of traitorous scum liberal Democrats acting like they give a shit.

Always On Watch said...

Thank you -- for posting this and for giving me such a nice compliment.