Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quite Amusing

I want to point to an interesting tendency of the Duck who as a commie seems to think that I am under some obligation to disavow a series of people from Dr Yeagley to Pam Geller.

Is this some type of left wing McCarthyism?

I consider Dr Yeagley to be a friend of mine. I have not posted at his site for a while and have no intention of returning. The Doctor has never mistreated me in any way and I have no animosity towards him. My views of race, patriotism and America are markedly different then his. Any claim that I support his racial hangups are actually comedic. As I comment on the demented blog of the simpleton anti semitic communist Troutsky one can not infer my politics by where I comment. Ultimately, one is only responsible for their own comments. My differences with Yeagley were noted at his site and he was so disturbed by my criticism that he asked me to leave. It is one thing for a communist like the Duck to banter with Yeagley. However, when a patriotic American who serves his country with honor disagrees on the essence of Amricanism he
can not win. The best Yeagley could do with myself or Pagan for that matter was bandy the word Maudlin while not going near the substance. Big Table inclusive Americanism is the polar opposite of racial hygenie, not your kooky death cult class genocide neoslavery idiocy.

More curiously is the new attempts to link me to Pam Geller. I have met Pam once or twice in passing and I seriously doubt she knows the name Beakerkin. She runs her own blog and hardly needs me or anyone else to defend her.

As for my own views on Islam, I am starting to wonder how much of the animus is really based upon lefties trying to stoke populist Joooo hatred and religious dogmatism. This is a topic that serious writers like Stephen Schwartz of the CIP could shed serious light upon. The truth is that
it takes zero effort to find decent Muslims. They work a few cubes down and are valued members of the community. The problem is that the groups that the media hoist as the official spokesmen are not inclusive. A friend of mine asked me about Muslims in Guyana and there is a strange difference. Islam there is a given and the notion of Muslims not sharing in rituals that unite the country seems crazy.

In reality my coworkers grasp and join us in holidays like July 4. Stephen Schwartz could right a column or two about what our familiar holidays and popular culture mean to him from his perspective. Yet the familiar media circus Muslim leaders lack the respect for our traditions and would not be able to present themselves in a similar inclusive manner.

The truth is that once you are on the far left you eliminate yourself from being cool. It is very hard to be cool when one sees their country and history as the sum of all evils while dedicated to a failed philosopher and rationalizing the crimes of Marxists. Thus I can enjoy and celebrate common traditions with almost the entire country except for those who exclude themselves by fealty to ideas inimical to my American traditions. It does not matter what ethnicity, race or proclivities one has as long as we share a respect for Americanism.

The Duck had linked me to authors I do not read like Debbie Schlessel which I find rather amusing. The obvious is that this author and I have a common trait and it is not pigmentation.
We just happen to belong to the same tribe. The mania of the Duck often approaches the about cartoon Klansmen ranting about Blacks when the subject is Jews.

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