Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Who cares about the Confederate Flag

This is not an issue that I or any other Patriot cares about. It is unrelated to the shooting in question. The history of the flag flying there has more to do with Dixiecrats than any Republican. Last I checked Lincoln was and remains a Republican. Of course reminding people of the relationship between the Democrats and the KKK is not exactly
Unknown. The Democrats has a Senator who was in the KKK.

I find this outrage of people who hail a mendicant failed philosopher whose followers are directly responsible for the deaths of millions amusing. You can go to any Nuremberg style gathering of lefties and see the Hammer and Sickle,
Images of Che, Mumia the cop killer associated with MOVE, the familiar frequently filthy kefiyah and less frequently the Hezbollah flag.

Funny, but the Kefiyeh is a symbol of actual terrorism against Jews. Kill an American Jew in a wheel chair and a bug eyed lefty makes an opera rationalizing it. What does an American Jew in a wheelchair on an ocean liner have to do with Palestine? Likely about as much as the Muslim guy at the gas station does for 9-11, nothing.

I have been to several TEA party events and have never seen a Confederate flag. I don't even recall State flags. The only other flag I recall is the don't tread on me flag.

Pure bs from the left


Always On Watch said...

I'm glad that you posted on the topic of the Confederate flag.

Could you take a look at the last part of this blog post and tell me if you feel the same way about the Pharaoh graphic? Do images such as that one make you think of and resent 400 years of Hebrew slavery? Thanks in advance for your comment -- publicly or via email.

Ducky's here said...

If a person wears a kefiyah it's a personal choice.

Even you must be able to see the difference between that and a state
sanctioning the symbol of slavery.

Ducky's here said...

Who cares about the Confederate flag?

Clearly black citizens of the south get a little agitated about it's symbolism.
They don't quite see it as an innocent memorial to magnolias, cotillions and mint juleps.

It has everything to do with the current Republican party in the south as constituted by Strom Thurmond right through Jesse Helms and on.

So in South Carolina black citizens need to live daily with a symbol of slavery and oppression revived by the likes of conservatives like Thurmond to reinforce segregation and Jim Crow. State sponsored mind you.
I'm waiting for the conservative blogs to demand the removal of the Saint-Gudens monument to the 54th Massachusetts because it's a symbol of northern aggression.

And you think we should be more concerned that you saw someone wearing a kufiya?

Looks like the Stars & Bars to me.

beakerkin said...

The Conderste flag is a loser flag. It is a symbol. of a failed loser idea. Oddly people who love a failed idea walk around with communist symbols all day.

The kefiyah is on a par with a KKK hood. Mostly communists wear it to intimidate Joooos. This
Jew takes no crap from communists or Islamonazis.

beakerkin said...

I have no love for the Confederacy. You on the other hand are a proponent of Neo slavery in gulags and their Chinese equivalents.

I think people who goose step with hammers and sickles and the Keffiyah should be the last persons crying about any toxic symbols.
The symbol is toxic, but no more or less than the Communist symbols or the Keffiyah as worn by Communonazis or Islamonazis.

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for weighing in at the blog post to which I alerted you. What was stated there was news to me!

Always On Watch said...

The symbol is toxic, but no more or less than the Communist symbols or the Keffiyah as worn by Communonazis or Islamonazis.

Hear! Hear! Excellent point!

Michael said...

When the keffiyah flies at the tops of flagpoles over government facilities in our country, this will become a fruitful approach for you to take.

beakerkin said...

Jewish students are being harassed by Keffiyah
Wearing communist turds in our universities. Are you denying this takes place.

What is this "our country"? You might accidentally have acquired citizenship at birth but can regularly be counted on to rationalize
The actions of every enemy of the USA.

Actually, given the level of harassment I want to be there when the first Jewish student kicks the stuffing out of a communist. No doubt you will be crying. However, you would be singing a different tune about a Black student kicking the crap out of a clown in a KKK hood.

Given the level of provocations and invasions of
Private space it is a tribute to the patience of Jewish and Conservative students that we don't
Have daily tar and feathering of communists.

Michael said...

"Wearing communist turds in our universities. Are you denying this takes place."

I don't understand what you're trying to convey, so I can neither confirm nor deny anything at this point.

Ducky's here said...

Let's go real slow for Beak.

The Confederate flag flies over STATE facilities. The display is sponsored by the STATE.
No matter how many fever dreams you have about scary Muslims in kufiyas they are NOT state sponsored.

Get the difference or are you just playing Mickey the Dunce?

beakerkin said...

The antics of BDS and the solidarity crew are communist not Muslim. The harassment of students who are Jewish and or conservative is quite real. BDS members should be restricted to a spot on campus to protest. Any harassment of Jewish and or conservative students off that spot should be dealt with either by expulsion or public tar and feathering.

A court would not convict a Black man whose space was invaded by a person in KzkK attire.
Similarly communists who invade Personal spaces of Jews wearing Kefiyas or Communist attire should get a swift beating. Free speech does not include harassment and invasion of personal space.

beakerkin said...

Members of BDS, Solidarity Groups and other front groups should be subject to bans on government employment, any university that employs them should be barred from research grants and student loans, lifetime secondary
Inspection at transportation facilities for starters.

Communists are exponentially more prone to treason, terrorism and multiple public order arrests. They should be placed with hardcore criminals when they break the law. No more country club sentences. Jail with the most hardcore violent offenders going forward.

Anonymous said...

The US flag represents slavery, in point of fact from 1776 to 1973, when the government enslaved nearly 4 million people to go fight wars for them. Just saying. ;) /gasmask off

beakerkin said...

Yet another communist Cliche. Slavery was a world Wide norm. The only thing represented here is your total ignorance.

Everyone had slaves including Indians and Africans themselves. Under MRxist dogma the peasants exist to serve the party elite for their own good

beamish said...

Oh, I am serious, and anonymous. If military conscription IS institutional slavery, and it is, the US has far more to answer for than the Confederacy.

AND.... General US Grant bought and owned black slaves until 1866. Fact.

beakerkin said...

The great gas masked patriot returns. I have to check that last tidbit. Grant died in poverty apparently he made poor choices.

Conscription to the best of my knowledge is universal.

beamish said...

All this anger over Confederate battle flags that DEMOCRATS dusted off after 97 years to fly in 1961 to defy desegregation is mostly just Democrats wanting the race war Dylann Storm Roof wants. That little asshole is laughing his ass off at the circus he's caused.

Michael said...

"Conscription to the best of my knowledge is universal."

What does that mean? There is no conscription in the United States right now.

beakerkin said...

We are talking about national history. In the event of a national emergency that is subject to change.

beamish said...

This isn't me, but I love the name of the blog lol...


beamish said...

Not that the Constitution is worth the marijuana it's written on these days, but the feudal law of conscription is enscribed therein. The President can legally order you to serve in a military role at his discretion at any time. You're a slave. We all are.