Friday, June 05, 2015

Ranbi Comedy Club

There is a rather disturbing pattern of leftists hijacking religious faiths. You have heard ample criticism of the left from religious conservatives. Yet the same crew complaining about religion in politics sees no issue with mashing Marxism into religion.

I found myself at a bizarre bat mitzvah in Scarsdale. Other than the fact that the event was held in a synagogue there was zero actual Jewish content at the event. A nebbish of a Rabbi approached later at the reception an introduced himself. I excused myself and walked away.

The leader of this clerical special education club was Rabbi Rick Jacobs. My relatives chided me about my poor manners. This isn't the time or place for such a gesture. I will point out no gesture was made on my part. I merely refused to acknowledge a comfy club act as a Rabbi. There was zero Judaic content in what I observed and most of the material was literally pulled out of the Rabbis imagination.

The fact that the congregation puts up with this act is a shame upon the local community. Jacobs could be a professional and do the political buffoonery away from the pulpit, but that would be professionalism a quality that Rabbi Comedy Club lacks. My relatives were rather annoyed at my actions and vowed never to invite me again. I thanked
Them for the privilege.

Rabbi Comedy Club and his epigones like to pretend they are creating something novel. I came for a Bat Mitzvah, not a mishmash of animal rights and social justice. Some of us expect some Judaic content at a rite of passage. Mercifully he did not officiate at my aunts funeral. Perhaps he was in his study watching Soupy Sales or at a protest for gender confused produce in whole foods.

I declined a generous heartfelt invitation to sit and reconnect. The family even offered car service to and from the train station. They extended an invitation to me in the future to sit and joke around. It was a classy gesture on the part of my relatives. Just the same, I prefer to be at he with Cheekie and my daughter.

The antics of Rabbi Comedy Club are symbolic of what is wrong in the community. The social justice song and dance act
plays well amongst spoiled elites. Maybe the Rabbis next sermon should be about treating your exploited domestic workers humanely. How about the one on business ethics. You could say those topics don't belong in a sermon either. Those of us who work and pay taxes, don't need the rhetoric from a shallow Clueless Comedy Club Rabbi. Those of us footing the bill for the largesse are raped by the government weekly while the Rabbi figures out a novel way to use quinoa.


Ducky's here said...

Insulting people seems to come naturally to you.

Ever think it's why they've spent 10 years trying to get you
to quit.

Those of you who work and pay taxes should make sure
EBT cards can't be used for Gummi Bears to turn
Cheekie into a diabetic on Medicaid.

beakerkin said...

I was perfectly content to stay at home. If you go to a Jewish service, you have a reasonable expectation of hearing Judaic content. Rabbi Rick Jacobs is a circus clown freak pandering to the guilt trip delusions of a spoiled community.

BB-Idaho said...

The 'social justice song and dance' is not new among the Jewish people. See Deuteronomy 15:11, Isaiah 1:17, Zachariah 7:9, Proverbs
31:9, Jeramiah 22:3, Psalms 82:3, Amos5:11, Malachi 3:5, etc.
-unless you consider those ancients circus clown freaks also.

Ducky's here said...

Doesn't change the fact that you were extremly rude.

beakerkin said...

Jacobs deserved that and more for wasting my valuable time. He is lucky that it was a family gathering or I would have demonstrated actual
rude behavior.

Leftards no doubt would be singing a different tune if they had been subjected to a sermon by Pat Robertson.

beakerkin said...

Social Justice is Communism and it had no place in any Jewish house of worship. You can twist what you wish but the ancients respected property rights.

The Pooe has come under deserved fire on this very topic. No doubt both of his predecessors who were true men of God saw things differently.

These theological frauds don't have the decency to call their philosophy what it is Communism. Let them be open and honest and see how many people remain.

Lefties get upset about politics when the message is to the right. Funny last I checked the folks at the 700 club practice the actual faith.

Moreover, African Christianity is unburdened by the Marxist infiltration. This is why the Epicopalians pretty much hide behind the antisemitic senile Desmond Tofu. Tofu is not a man of faith. He is a hard core Marxist who abuses his other job.

He should lecture his peers in Nigeria about those wonderful Muslims who butcher Christians regularly.

beakerkin said...

Had this not been a social gathering Jacobs would have gotten an actual lesson in rude. I did not approach the man and seek him out. He extended his hand introduced himself and I turned my back and walked away.

There are times in my office I refuse to shake hands with an applicant after I am done. In general I am known for my warmth and down to earth style. It is rare, but deserved.

BB-Idaho said...

Social justice is communism? That sort of logical path would lead you to social injustice is capitalism, no? As for the Pope's predecessors being 'true men of God', we note: between them, Alexander VI, Julius II, Paul III and Leo XII fathered 17 bastards,
Papal corruption run amuck resulted in 15 yr old Benedicet IX, John
XII and John XI becoming Popes as teenagers and Sixtus IV, Leo X and
Julius III were known pedophiles. True men of God?

Michael said...

You are amazingly full of hate.

Ducky's here said...

A lesson in rude?
You're a guest and can't even shake the Rabbi's hand and you seem proud of yourself. You need to take a look at that, Beak.

I thank you for informing me that Pope Francis is not a true man of God (but Pat Robertson is). You don't realize you sound like a fool do you?
Beak, the authority on true religion.

Then you go off on the welfare state.
Odd, how many in your ersatz extended family work?
My guess is you've got a multi generational welfare outfit there.
From the way you talk about the children with no regard to self control or education it seems probable that they are going anywhere either. It's to bad but you seem more interested in being nostalgic about laundry products and junk food.

Anyway, thanks for telling me that the Holy Father is not a man of God.
Your like the bozos who were on him for speaking out about climate change and not leaving it to the scientists.
He has a masters degree in chemistry.

Save us from the fringe right and their ignorance.
Pat Robertson. Are you kidding?

beakerkin said...

The Rabbi deserved a lesson in rude. Had it not been a family gathering it would have been worse. I remember the Rabbi in Vermont demanding and appology for walking out in the middle of a sermon. He was in no position to demand anything. Nor did he have a right to promise an introduction at the reception later. I did not wish to attend in the first place
and once the Social Justice garbage came out I left. I was not going to pretend I had an emergency to save face.

beakerkin said...

Pat Robertson is a man of God and the current Pope is a communist. The previous Popes somehow managed to cater to the poor as the calling of God while understanding the evils of Marx. One is not a man of God and Marx at the same time.

You are more apt to hear actual scripture from Pat than the current Pope, Jeremiah Wright or Desmond Tofu. It is quite simple that these comedy act Rabbis need to understand their political garbage will offend certain people.if I were a member I would demand my membership dues back.

The Girlfriend worked for many years until she way laid off. She is entitled to the assistance she gets. Now the Duck is crying about aid to poor families. Not everyone is an intellectual or has a love of learning. I don't write about the hours spent with homework.

As for my love of vintage brands and high quality cleaning products, your point is.

Were the jobs available they work. Thank you Obama for reducing hours to 29 and here is an Obamaphone.

beakerkin said...

The immediate ones were men of God. Both lived under tyranny and understood the evil of communism. They balanced their advocacy for the poor with respect for private property.

Social Justice and Progressive are code words for Communist. At least Col Bernie Sanders is honest enough to call himself a socialist..

beakerkin said...

Communists are to real Jews what the KKK is to Blacks. Lefties pull out a few inbred loser types between Welfare scams or pot smoking
Frauds from the nearest academic gulag.