Friday, June 19, 2015

Making too much about race

The Duck as usual takes a cheap shot at fellow blogger over the unfortunate shooting. Yes it was a terrible crime, but any claim that the South had anything to do with it is stupid. After all Boston hosted and treated a couple of Muslim immigrants well, they were on welfare. Despite being on welfare the family managed extensive foreign travel. At least one of the two criminals attended an elite university dominated by radical leftists. Yet despite all this progressivism they still managed to bomb a marathon and likely after killing a Jew in a drug related crime. Let's blame Ducky and the far left in MA for the Boston Bombers and mother Jihad.

Now are pothead President has gone off into Univerity clown mode and had ranted about guns. Obama literally stands on top of the dead bodies for cheap political theatre. He adds the pothead rant about America and guns. Obama leaves out
The part with exactly who commits the crime. He also leaves out that as Europe has added immigration from violent prone countries the rate of crime there is rising. As he and his fellow pothead Warren Wilhelm Jr. have bashed the police crime rates have spiked.

The administration has stopped all deportations with the rare exception for the most violent of criminals. It is not a mystery when you look at the violent crime rates from the country of origin. The reality is that one is exponentially more likely to be killed by an illegal alien recidivist criminal that the Obama administration refuses to deal with than mental defective racist.

The average citizen is more apt to become a crime statistic from poorly educated and long term unemployed desperate citizens. While we are at it as Obama links guns to crime. The vast amount of terrorism in the USA is from Muslim Radicals or Lefties so lets blame the Koran and Manifesto. Of course Obama would point out correctly that the vast majority of Muslims and IQ impaired Marxistsdont behave this way. Following this same logic the vast majority of gun owners are law abiding.

That being said my enclave is growing more dangerous. One can hear gunfire in the distance. The other day my daughter
In law swore she heard a woman crying help me before a van drove her off. In this atmosphere she has decided to bring a licensed gun into out home. I found myself arguing about the wisdom of this in a home with curious young children and alcohol consumption. I feel safer with my ever vigilant little dog making noise than anything else. While I don't want a gun in my house, I don't make that choice for others.

Young children are naturally curious. The other day I returned from Rite Aide and Cheekie was in the bag in seconds. She somehow figured out what silly putty looks like and found all types of uses I never dreamed of. Cheekie is a naturally curious child prone to mischief. When she gets into trouble she hides behind me. I would just as soon avoid
Headaches by keeping a dangerous item out of the house with curious kids.


Ducky's here said...

Someone like yourself who reveres Baruch Goldstein and Anders Breivik should be circumspect when you start giving someone the tone.

Oh, what elite university did one of the Tsarnaevs attend?
As usual you're wrong.

How did your ersatz family afford a firearm when none of the extended family works? I hope it's licensed, officer. Nice bunch you live with.

beakerkin said...

Dartmouth isn't good enough for you.

The adult daughter works as an armed guard and iS licensed

Ducky's here said...

UMass -- Dartmouth branch.

It's a step above community college.

No, not Dartmouth.

beakerkin said...

No doubt he had enough exposure to Marxist victimology

Anonymous said...

So a proud, militant racist goes armed into a especially selected, historically significant black church in South Carolina with the intention to murder the occupants but it wasn't about race, guns or the South. Beakerkin, I am amazed that you remember to breathe.

So what was it about, Einstein? You appear to know so spill, baby, spill.

And 'The vast amount of terrorism in the USA is from Muslim Radicals or Lefties', is it? Could Muslim and/or leftist terrorism top this list?

That's just from 1995 until now. Please post evidence of an equivalent amount of Muslim and/or leftist terrorism or shut up.



beakerkin said...

I could repeat your amnesia when Jews are gunned down in France in Supermarkets. You usually rationalize the crime or pretend stoking populist Jew hatred has nothing to do with subsequent crimes.

The shooter was yet another case of untreated
mental illness.

beakerkin said...

The ethics and methodology of the Southern Poverty Law Center are widely criticized. You can get a better look at the FBI statistics.

beakerkin said...

Even those numbers are misleading as the Fort Hood Shooting and 9-11 are not counted and a cross burning is.

If these statistics include publicity stunts that are well known such as the alleged eight crimes against a fake Black woman or the nooses on the door fraud are not known.

Of course actual harassment of Jews by lefties and Muslims are treated similarly to the all white jurries in the old south.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about the Jews? You're obsessed. Thus nothing to do with the Paris shootings.

So what do you propose is done to deal with the remarkable amount of people in undiagnosed mental illness in the USA? And restricting their access to guns?

This attack was all about race, guns and the south. And Fox News. Done. Nothing to do with Jews or Muslim. But you are incapable of not conflating anything with Israel because, I think, you have an undiagnosed mental illness.

There's nothing wrong with the SPLC figures. If you have a problem explain it, otherwise the figures stand.



beakerkin said...

Many of the people with undiagnosed mental illness have obsessions similar to your own. They obsess over Jews to the exclusion of all other things. I will take the FBI and even that does not begin to get the mumers correct when Muskims screaming Allah Akbar are termed workplace violence.

The attacks had nothing to do with the South or Fox News. There is no evidence this person watched Fox News. This is just one of your obsessions

the ethics and practices of the SPLC have been under fire for a while. Their statistics are manipulated for fundraising purposes.

The topic of how mental illness is treated deserves its own thread. We as a society have to remove the stigma and in some cases provide structure. Group homes placed in liberal enclaves is a stat.

beakerkin said...

Families in general are not equiped to deal with the most extreme cases of mental illness. In the cases of extreme disturbance this should be a state job. Even where the family elects to keep the patient at home. Monthly evaluation for those deemed dangerous should be mandated by the state.

Obama needs to show he is serious by talking about the Social stigma of those seeking help.

beakerkin said...

We had a presentation where a transgender
Person stated 40 percent contemplate suicide. When dealing with that number some degree of the issue involves mental health and a high degree of workplace bullying. There are very few laws that protect workers from bullying so long as an EEO category is not breached.

Of course the rights of your average non violent mental health patient are not popular
With the wine and fondue crowd.

Race was merely the mode that a fairly disturbed kid expressed his illness. It could have been anything.

Of course if he is gainfully employed in a structured environment likely none of this occurs.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish obsession is yours, buddy. Is it possible, do you think, that you could possibly address a subject without bringing the Jewish people into it? Do you? Huh?

If you think the FBI listings in right-wing terrorism are more accurate, would you please post them? Or left-wing terrorism, since you originally claimed that number was bigger? Or any evidence on anything at all?

The attack had everything to do with the South and Fox News. There may be no evidence this person watched Fox News, but there's no evidence he didn't. That's what propaganda is for, that what it does, manipulates minds. Plenty of other right-wing terrorists have been found to subsist on philosophical diets of O'Reilly, Beck, Rush, Savage etc, because the message put out is of fear and resentment, but you wouldn't know because you never venture beyond it.

The ethics and practices of the SPLC have been under fire for a while? By who? When? Where? Their statistics are manipulated for fundraising purposes? By who? When? Where? Show me the money, Tinkerbell.

The topic of how mental illness is treated deserves does deserve its own thread, and we as a society have to remove the stigma and in some cases provide structure, but that is anathema to conservative governments. It was Reagan and Thatcher, after all, who began the process of mental deinstitutionalisation, but put nothing in its place.

The streets and prisons became the de facto psychiatric hospitals and again I agree that, in general, families are not equipped to deal with the most extreme cases of mental illness. but I am interested that you think cases of extreme disturbance this should be a state job. Government healthcare? Oo-er, don't tell Mike, he'll call you names. However, seeing as America can't organise a free trip to the local GP without civil war, state mental healthcare will never happen. Still good to know you acknowledge a ole for the state somewhere...

Obama may well need to show he is serious by talking about the Social stigma of those seeking help, and he has, but the House and the Senate need to show they are serious by doing something.

What does being transgender have to do with mental illness? If 40 percent contemplate suicide then I'm pretty such a high degree of workplace bullying, along with society in general bullying and discrimination, is involved. And who is it that's intolerant of transgender, gays, lesbian etc? Wel, it ain't the wine and fondue crowd.

What proof is there that Dylann Roof had a mental illness! So far, none. He was perfectly rational when he went into that church. He knew what he was doing, he planned the shooting, carried it out and calmly explained his reasons to the last left standing. He's not mad, just an asshole. A right-wing asshole. Another right-wing asshole.



beakerkin said...

You have obviously never studied law or logic. Read the rambling statement and make the case that a sane person wrote that. My training in this discipline indicates otherwise.

There is zero evidence lathe person in question watched any of the sources you name. Racial warfare is not advocated on any of those shows. Any claim that this is Southern is bs. The Boaton Bomber picked out Boston which is liberal.

Once again you fail to discern fact from fiction. Reagan did not sue for deinstitutionalization lefties did. Lefties have sued for the right to not take meds, Billie Boggs.

If you are not capable of basic searches about the practices of the SLPC then I can't help you.
Their ethical practices are widely criticized.

A crazy kid with a bad hairdo shoots up a church and that is a hate crime. Muslim yells God is great kills his coworkers and it is workplace rage. Muslim shoots up El Al counter and is called hisp

beakerkin said...

Let's see a right winger who burns the flag and is fixated on group rights. Conservatives do not burn the Anerican flag and follow the creed of individual merrit.

Sounds like an OWS loon off his meds.

Michael said...

"fixated on group rights"

What group, specifically, are you referring to?

"Conservatives...follow the creed of individual merrit"

Unless they're agitating for "state's rights." How is the whole state's rights movement following the creed of individual merit?

beakerkin said...

More proof you are not playing with a full deck.
Exactly who is obsessed with affirmative action.

Where are Obsmas grades?

Michael said...

"More proof you are not playing with a full deck.
"Exactly who is obsessed with affirmative action.

"Where are Obsmas grades?"

You call yourself a conservative, but you are absolutely, 100% obsessed with group rights, even if you aren't (I'm gathering) a fan of affirmative action.

The last sentence is one of your patented non sequiturs. As is often the case with you, I'm not clear how Obama's (or Obsmas) grades fit into the tale of Dylann Roof. I imagine that it makes sense to you, but I don't know how to respond to the question.

beakerkin said...

What is the reason Obama has hidden his transcripts. Can we say affirmative action based
On race.

Michael said...

Again: what do President Obama's grades have to do with Dylann Roof?

beakerkin said...

Actually they have plenty to do. The Americsn people were sold a bill of goods. Obama was sold as the smartest most talented candidate ever who was going to heal Americas racial animus.

Has his grades been produced there would be no false narrative and poisoned race relationship.

Michael said...

Let me get this straight. You're saying that if President Obama had made his college grades public, then the South Carolina shooting would not have taken place?

beakerkin said...

If we had a qualified president the racial animus would not be so high. Obamas grades and racial paranoia games are more related to the shooting than the Confedrrate Flag.