Monday, June 01, 2015

The Return of Cheekie

The diaper clad hell raiser returns tonight. I miss the feisty Cheeky kid always trying to play with the older kids and causing general mayhem. I have food poisoning and the one fluid I can hold is Hawaiin Punch leave it to Cheekie to drink all of it twice. Cheekie does not care for Guyanese food beyond doubles. She does like Turkey Bologna and every type of cheese you can think of.

I even miss her waking me up at 2 AM. Even when her grandmother is around she is more interested in what I am doing. I was joking the real star of the Clint Eastwood films was the Orangatang. She liked watching the poor ape endure a bad script and bad acting. She also enjoyed the end of Chisolm where John Wayne uses the cows to save the day

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