Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bernie Sanders spanks Antisemititic Leftist

We seldom applaud Col Bernie Sanders. However when an ignorant left wing loser with an NPR show asked him a
Loser asked him about dual citizenship he was right to be miffed. The so imbecile host did a 360 and apologized. The question is which antisemitic site does this dimwit regularly read. Moreover, this type of idiocy is repeated regularly by Leftards on the web. There is an amazingly ignorant leftie ( a true achievement given how stupid lefties are) that regularly asks Mike of Mikes America is he is guilty of dual loyalty to Israel for opposing Obama. This person is so dumb she can't even follow the special Ed version of the Nazi playbook.

NPR should suspend this dimwit immediately.


Michael said...

" regularly asks Mike of Mikes America is he is guilty of dual loyalty to Israel"

Actually, she just asks him to go on the record as to which country's priorities he puts before the other--and he never answers. According to you, refusing to come clean about where you stand on an issue like that is a page straight out of the Commie playbook.

Ducky's here said...

And asking the question evidently makes you a Nazi like Diane Rehm.

A number of prominent politicians hold dual citizenship but in Beak's
world that's none of our business.

Beak, you have Israeli citizenship, why not move?

beakerkin said...

If we use the standard of reasonable man, the antisemitic nature of the remarks is evident in any basic reading. As Marxist your iq Doesn't do simple logic.

Michael said...

"As Marxist your iq Doesn't do simple logic."

Please share anything I've ever written, or any position I've ever taken, that brands me a Marxist.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, did you delete my post?
Not like you to censor.

Anyway, that reply to Michael is incomprehensible.

Please explain why we are not entitled to know whether or not
our politicians hold dual citizenship?

If you've read Das Kapital you know that it requires much more
than simple logic. It's fairly complex.

beakerkin said...

I do not have dual citizenship. I am eligible in short order if I chose.

If you were to tell Obama to go back to Kenya this would make one a racist. No doubt as a communist you think your crap doesn't stink.
The comment should have ended the career of the imbecile who asked it.

How about all of you communists depart and stay in Venezuela while it implodes

beakerkin said...


There is zero evidence that Sanders or any other Jewish politician holds dual citizenship. Moreover unlike Obamas Indonesian citizenship
There is no reason to ask.

We disagree on Marx. Michael is proof enough that you don't need a mind to be antisemitic and loathe the USA.