Monday, June 22, 2015

The real story

Leave it to Obama to play up his two favorite rants race and gun control. Obama has never had original thought in his life. He plays his familiar tune with hand wringing cliche anti Americanism.

Lost in the Obama pothead rant is the role of mental illness. The Charleston killer was howling mad, but aware of his actions. As this case evolves we are likely to learn warning signs were missed. We learned the VT killer and the joker clown were well known to mental health professionals.

The truth is we need a national discussion on the subject of mental illness. Our jails and homeless programs are filled with untreated mental illness. The reasons for lack of treatment is the high cost of treatment and social stigma of being treated.

In general society does not treat a variety of people poorly. In the words of a gay black male. I get far more headaches about being gay than being Black. Those that are in treatment face greater stigma than those who are Black or gay. Most of those in treatment are not dangerous. Rather than encourage those who need help to step forward, most
Suffer in silence.


Always On Watch said...

The Charleston killer was howling mad...

No kidding!

Many people say that "lone wolf" jihadists are mentally disturbed and will not blame Islam for a madman's action. So why is it now that the Confederate flag is being targeted as a contributing cause of Dylann Roof's madness?

Anonymous said...

Where is the proof that Roof is howling mad? Why is it that everyone not a gun toting conservative is part of some evil conspiracy but anyone who is a gun-toting conservative is a mentally-Ill 'lone wolf'?



beakerkin said...

Read the manifesto and the incoherent behavior. The kid is howling mad insane, albeit less antisemitic than you

beamish said...

There isn't a gun control law that would have stopped this racist assclown if someone else bought a gun and gave it to him. That's what happened here. Dylann Roof's dad got him a gun, knowing he had felony warrants and mental illness.