Monday, June 15, 2015

Has Ducky Switched Marx for Mr Beamish

Over the last few days we have been hearing some unDuck worthy concerns about immigrants on welfare and crime. Of course the comments were made about my community and family. Rather than the Duck switching out Mr Beamish for Marx these are just rather low class attacks on my family.

The Mrs works very hard when she can find work. She got laid off from her Union job and it has not lifted a finger to help her. In my earliest experience with the union, I had the same results. Oddly, I have nothing but nice things to say about that union. My current Union is much more effective and being a ten year veteran gives the agency little wiggle room unless something criminal is involved. It would have been nice if they could have done something especially considering her seniority on the job. She takes short term employment looking for something more permanent
But Obamacare has literally killed the job market for the working poor.

The Duck seems to imply that somehow the Guyanese community is more prone to criminality and welfare than other communities. If anything his favorite Jews, who live in an ethnically pure ghetto, have welfare fraud and abuse down to a science. The Duck doesn't seem to mind because these lazy and shiftless people agree with him about Israel. This group also has its hands out and is the reason I will not donate to any Jewish charities. This group is adamant that they do not take money from Zionists. No they take every form of social benefits and do zero actual work and lie about it very loudly.

The duck seems very concerned about the crime rate of Guyanese. There is no evidence that they are more criminally inclined than other groups. I am glad the Duck has finally woke up and expressed concern about this problem. If he could tell his fellow leftards to quit blocking reforms to expedite deportations of criminal aliens we would appreciate it. As for actual crime rates, on the whole Guyanese are likely on the lower side. I do see the rap sheets
from across the country and there is no numbers indicating Guyanese are criminally inclined. If this were the case we
Would have to revisit years of corrupt rule by racist Marxist parties that have turned a great place into a dump.

There is this fiction that leftards like Ducky spread. If you want to see the most base forms of racism in politics go to Guyana. They have two idiotic Marxist parties with the same bad idea but divided only by race. In Guyana there is nothing comparable to the seething hatred between Blacks and Indians in the USA. Oddly, when Blacks and Indians live on the same block they are closer than extended family in the USA. Part of the reason is the low level trading that goes on between neighbors. You really have to see it to understand it. The observation about the closeness of neighbors regardless of race or religion is something Guyanese themselves are perplexed by.

Just the same when I go to Guyana I am not allowed to interact beyond my family by the local government. A neighbor might come over on business and say a word or two, but that is all. My interactions are limited to commercial types and extended family. Now that the government has changed I do not hold out hope for a less restrictive visit. That being said, the first question any family member gets is when am I returning. Even the local police enjoyed some of the pranks and remember them fondly.

The question remains why the Duck is so hostile towards my other people. Of course he is critical of Pam Gellers comments about Muslims in Europe who appear to be on the dole and criminally inclined. Pretty much the Duck will overlook anything so long as one agrees with him about Pseodostine.

Can we say obsessed?

The fake black lefty needs to run for senate in MA. They elected a fake Indian? Let's also not pretend that both fakes were rewarded by the old Bolshevik club in higher Ed. I have never once used my family for gain in employment.
In fairness a previous manager did treat me much better after she accidentally met my family at a gathering. For reasons I do not fully grasp single men were viewed hostilely by that boss. In fairness a clod of a boss fed her a load of crap. When she interacted with me personally she saw the information was false.


Michael said...

"Oddly, I have nothing but nice things to say about that union."

You know who else approves of the existence of labor unions? Communists.

Ducky's here said...

Answer a few questions, Beak:

What's the armed robbery rate in Guyana? High, low?

With all the kids running around you never mention their fathers. Why not?

How many of your extended Guyanese family are employed? Looking for work?

If the frummies are bums for not working why not your Guyanese "family"?

Ducky's here said...

TitleToday's Guyana Times

Ducky's here said...

Corrected link:

From the Guyana Times

Ducky's here said...

Too embarrassed to answer the questions Beak?

beakerkin said...

So what the crime rate is bad in the entire region.

beakerkin said...

The crime rate is high in Guyana. You can blame that on years of corrupt socialist governments. If we elect DiBlassio again our crime rates will be closer than you think.

My stepson works for a moving company and I think of his wife as an extra daughter. She is raising two children and attending nursing school.

Cheekies mom is divorced and works as an armed guard. Her husband drives a tow truck.
The mrs worked on the airport until Obamacare cut her hours then her job. She takes what jobs she can find and in no definition is lazy.

beakerkin said...

The Frummies have no intention of working. It is beneath them