Saturday, June 27, 2015

Imbeciles at the hekm

The idiot racist shooter has no relationship to the Confederacy or right of center media. The same person demanding absolute proof of the insanity of the shooter had zero problems blaming Fox News. Then again lefties who talk 24/7 of Pseudostine are themselves mental health defectives.

We hear this idiocy that somehow the Confederate Flag in the mind of a moron is somehow mystically linked to a hate crime. We hear this frequently from idiots who wear images of Che and Mumia on their shirts and endlessly chant revolution. Somehow these racial riots and flash points are far more frequent due to the incompetence of the Obama administration and the Malfeasence of the media allies and left wing organizer buddies.

Of course the larger story is this. Obama needs racial strife to survive. Even if every alleged event was correctly portrayed by the left, it does not justify the violence and the property damage that followed. Avoiding problems with
The police is fairly simple. Don't break laws and follow instructions. A police officer asked me some silly questions. I answered them and went to work. In general you should aim to be respectful of everyone except Commies. The very people who disrupt public assemblies and performances are offended by my excusing myself from an offensive sermon. In my case I got up and kept walking. I was unaware of any plans for introductions. They are also outraged by
my refusal to acknowledge a circus clown calling himself a Rabbi. Perhaps Rick Jacobs is a Rabbi who really just wanted to be a clown.

Obama needs the racial animus to stir up his core constituency. He needs Blacks to feel victimized by a hostile system. The truth be told Obama policies on Immigration, Obamacare and minimum wage have more to do with the misery of many low income Americans than mean cops and psycho racist kids with Three stooges hairdos.

There was a discussion about free expression and obnoxious symbols. The right to wear whatever symbols is not in dispute. The rights of those living in a dorm or walking between classes is another story. Note I did not accost anyone. I merely left and walked away from annoying violations of personal space by left wing kefiyah wearing BDS baboons. A protest in a designated area is different from accosting students on the basis of faith wearing incendiary symbols. It is a severe failure in the sdministration that these recidivist Marxist morons were not expelled for their behavior. I might be persuaded to allow a criminal to rain after a public tar and feathering.


Ducky's here said...

The idiot racist shooter has no relationship to the Confederacy or right of center media.
By his own admission he wanted to start a race war.
What better place to do it than a city that is covered by a symbol of racial hatred. He though there were people just ready to rise up.
There was indeed a relationship with that rag that never had a serious presence after the civil war until the civil rights movement.

I can understand why you're upset, however. All this distracts from your own persecution delusions. Not only do you get upset when you feel upstaged but you get upset if you feel you even have to share the stage.
Only your own paranoid fever dreams count.

beakerkin said...

Incoherent as usual, race wars were the goals of a variety of losers including Bill Ayers and his insane clown posse and the Black Panthers.

The President needs racial paranoia to stir up support in the Black community. Once again it is amazing how only left wing demonstrations turn violent. Then again what does one expect when communist front groups are the organizers and
have the goal of revolution. Communists think nothing of having Blacks suffer for their religious
Fantasies of revolution.

Let's assume every racial spin job were real. Burning and looting local businesses has nothing to do with justice.

Always On Watch said...

Dylan Roof is howling mad! He was bound to go off the deep end -- with one -ism or the other.

beamish said...

Roof the goof was probably sent over the edge by Nikki Haley getting elected Governor twice despite the Democrats smearing her as a foreign raghead.