Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fake Black Lefties

There are those who point to my Guyanese pride as a cartoon image of the insane act that has been in the paper. I never denied my actual heritage or altered my bio. I point out that my family did come from parts of Eastern Europe but considered themselves Jews. This fact bothers lefties who invent fantasy worlds that never existed where Judaism was just a mere religious quirk.

Aha Beakerkin, just look at that alabaster skin and those mostly green eyes. Obviously there has been some miscegenation in your family tree. No doubt this is true, but it does not alter my connection to the Jewish People.

I live in a Guyanese family in a Guyanese enclave. I am quite fond of the culture and familiar on a basic level. I enjoy my family and participate in community events but I never altered my bio except in obvious jokes. My family was
at the Great Jonestown Koolaide party. I ate too much chicken the day before and was punished. Guyana is in my heart
And in my spirit, but I do not use the local accent except amongst Guyanese at a diversity festival were I place myself. This bothers plenty of people especially leftists. You are a Pole, Russian or Hungarian. I point out that I am a Jew.

Of course lefties like the Duck sometimes in bigoted rages say emigrate to Israel. Oddly those lefties who mock America and deludedly call themselves citizens of the globe do not realize how bigoted they are. It is racist for anyone to tell a Black go back to Africa or whatever West Indian enclave. Yet the same lefties will not think twice about saying go to Israel. They even invent fantasy worlds where Bernie Sanders is a dual citizen.

My love for Guyana is not a rejection of my past. I am proud of my family, except for my annoying and embarrassing youger brother. His over the top obnoxious flamboyant antics are a pain. His families aversion to genuine work and knowledge beyond religious texts is an embarassment. When someone reminds me about him I just say I hardly know the guy.

My love of Guyana is not a rejection of my Jewish roots or my love of America. It is a special love of my family and community.


Michael said...

Are you saying that you were at Jonestown but didn't participate in the mass suicide because you were being punished for eating too much chicken?

Ducky's here said...

How does one express Guyanese culture, commit an armed robbery?

A country that consists of little more than a couple small cities which
people are desperately trying to leave for EBT heaven doesn't have
much of a culture.

It seems to be a phase like your Judaism.

beakerkin said...

What part of obvious comedic jokes eludes you.
Jim Jones was a communist and had I been around I would have poured him a double.

Guyanese people point out only stupid Americans died at Jonestown. I point out they were all stupid lefties.

beakerkin said...
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beakerkin said...

The Guyanese I know work hard and enjoy a beer and something on the grill. They are no more or no less inclined to crime then the rest of the population.

You need to go back to your leftards roots helping the working poor is something you are supposed to be for. You have internalized some of the great philosopher Mr Beamish but not nearly enough.

No this Guyana bit is going on years. This is my family and my community. I love my people and consider them Kin.

As for my Judaism, I never abandoned it. I am still Jewish, but have little interest in the community. The Frummies and the Rabbi Rick Jacobs types make a mockery of the community I once knew.

I would hardly call a family a passing phase.

Michael said...

No obvious comedic jokes elude me. The problem is that you are, in print at least, only semi-literate, and it's usually difficult to understand what point you're trying to make.

beakerkin said...

It's quite apparent your limited intelect is the source of the problem. Funny I get my points across to all types of people at Work.

The familiar fake intellectual bit is a frequent Communist gambit. A genuine intellectual does not bother with the drivel of death cult morons.

Mike's America said...

Beakerin: Just a reminder: Michael belongs to that class of lefties who feel themselves superior (revealing a true inferiority complex) and one who chooses to be perpetually aggrieved by some phony accusations against those on the right.

beakerkin said...

Michael also leaves out Jum Jones was a hard core leftie.