Monday, June 15, 2015

Once again Leftards in hypocrisy mode

Somehow it is racist to ask Obama if he had Indonesian citizenship. It is racist to see his grades and college applications. It is racist to ask Obama about his past drug use. It is also racist to ask what he was doing in a Church for twenty years with a howling mad racist, Antisemitic and Amtiamerican pastor.

A lefty knob stated as fact that a Jewish politician was a dual citizen of Israel. These slanders are part of the far
Left, jihadist and stormfront axis of evil on the web. A far left troll who swears he is not a communist is not capable of reading the quote. Sanders was not asked and his reaction was mild. The same clown who objects to his being called a communist has defended stereotypical Antisemititic questions about loyalty to The USA addressed to Jews and conservatives. Communists should avoid any discussions about loyalty given their history.

The reporter who made this gaffe allegedly feels horrible. She does not feel horrible enough to grasp that her obsession with Israel has crossed the line into banal Jew hatred. She lacks the class and the intelligence to look at the obvious


Michael said...

Just out of curiosity: how is asking Mike Miller where his priorities lie "Antisemitic?" Miller's not Jewish.

Second question: where do you get off complaining about antisemitism? Judging strictly by your blog, you have nothing but pure hatred for all things Jewish.

Michael said...

Actually, more than "objecting" to being called a Communist, I've asked you to point to anything specific that I've posted that suggests that I'm a Communist.

beakerkin said...

Your utter clueless at why that remark is offensive is a strong indication you are a communist. The rest of the planet grasps asking
Random people are you a Jew in a pejorative manner is offensive.

I know plenty of Jewish Millers. Not that it's any of your business what religion Mike is.

Let me play by your rules. How long have you been a communist? When was the last time you betrayed your country and needlessly killed
People and stole property.

What makes you better than a Nazi or a KKK cliown. Just asking questions.....

Typical Communist point no substance. Those of us who are real Jews, not commie clowns opining about social justice define ourselves. Your opinion of internal matters is irrelevant. At least when real Jews disagree there aren't normally dead bodies. Have you killed any Trotskyites this week.

beakerkin said...

The comment was accidentally rejected. You don't understand the point in question because you are not familiar with badgering.

The remarks are not intended as serious questions. The patriotism of Mike or myself is apparent in any basic reading unless one is a chimp or a communist. The remarks are crude attempts to Jew bait, a frequent tactic of communists. Communists seldom say Jew they use convenient verbiage rootless cosmopolitan, Zionist, neocon or whatever when they mean Joooooo

Michael said...

Nobody asked Mike if he was a Jew.

beakerkin said...

The line of questioning strongly infered this. Moreover this was not a single utterance. There is no other point to that line of questioning.

The point is that if you support Israel you are guilty of dual loyalty. This is hysterical when said by communists whose existence embodies treason.

What is with America People and the chenglish.

Michael said...

"What is with America People and the chenglish."

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Ducky's here said...

Hey, Officer Beak, you are still open to the question, "what beliefs constitute communism".
Please give it a try.

Extra credit if you can do it without a diatribe about Israel.

Mike's America said...

I see "Michael" affectionately known as "Doc Brainwash" has surfaced once again.

OK, let's take the conversation back to where he ran away last time. All the HOAX rape charges, (Lena Dunham, Rolling Stone/UVA and now Amherst). Does Michael believe that these hoaxes undermine the seriousness of the crime and cast doubt on the victims of REAL rape?

Does Michael conceded that the idea of a "rape epidemic" at universities is a HUGE LIE?

Mike's America said...

Michael: Which religion do you despise more: Judaism or Christianity?

Mike's America said...

Did my application of lefticide rid you of the Michael roaches?

beakerkin said...

Hardly I even have Elroy