Thursday, June 11, 2015

Return from Oblivion

At a certain point my time in the penalty box became a running joke. My whole team was banished to another area when leadership changed. I was supposed to be put on a veteran team in the new area. I was sent back to do a second rotation in the problem resolution area and I completed that.

My heart belonged to my old boss who was glad to have me. I got away from the person who knifed my boss in the back. I made it clear that I am not working with her. They could assign me but moving mountains will not happen with s boss I loathe. The mentorship is crucial in getting new officers up to speed. This interloper wanted to take credit for my numbers and I wasn't going along.

When I returned from the special assignment it was like retuning home. Funny as the workload increases guess who is arriving. When the world goes to hell just send in the rat killer. I can still get the job done and do it indefinitely.


beakerkin said...

Sorry duck no bad boy list. I remained loyal to my boss. There is no abandoning a boss I love for a fraud that stabbed her in the back. I basically went over that bosses head and got my freedom. No doubt i excelled in other roles but I am pretty good at what I do.

I do not work with interlopers and rats. I also have 800 hours of leave and pretty much could gum up the works. There was sufficient cause to warrant a lawsuit had I been ordered to stay with this person.

I offered several alternative candidates for my role. The claim that some projects are dependent on my presence has merrit. I also concretely established that the innovations had nothing to do with this supervisor. She claimed credit for work that she had zero involvement with. I challenged her to describe the techniques
Used to produce the results and she failed miserably. The government owns my innovations but without the author

beakerkin said...

It has nothing. Even with a script the program
Requires advanced knowledge that only two officers posses. Neither officer would work with this person.

The innovations had nothing to do with the person claiming credit.

Ducky's here said...

As often as you tell this story I don't believe anyone knows what happened.

beakerkin said...

My loyalty is with a previous boss. My former supervisor knifed the boss in the back and expected me to fall in line. I asked for a transfer immediately that was turned down.

From there it became a game of chicken. I applied to multiple spots and was prepared to depart. Top brass placed me in time out. After six months I was allowed to decide my own fate
Provided I listened to all the options. I returned home to my boss who I love and honor.

I fought long and hard to return home. This is also the home of my mentor who is departing soon. I declined my old role and entered on the bottom. In short order I earned my old role. I had been away and was facing new challenges