Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Now the gay marriage bit is over

I want to point out that as someone trained in law and in favor of gay marriage I do not like the Supreme Court ruling. According to the framework of our Constitution family law was a matter for the States. Anyone wishing to get married could travel a short distance and do so.

I understand the notion of legal equity. That being said the decision makes a total mockery of our legal traditions. Family law is crafted at the State level. This ruling bypasses the electorate of entire states. I still support gay marriage but loathe the precedent.

Now that gays have the right to marry. They also have the ability to meet with the second most dysfunctional part of
Government the divorce court. Only the IRS is more toxic and barbaric than the divorce court. Not all of these unions
emd up happily ever after. How will a process that is thoroughly anti male treat a union of two men.

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beamish said...

Given the statistically significant higher likelihood of domestic violence occurring in a male-male homosexual household than in a male-female heterosexual household, divorce court is going to be fun...