Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wrong about Gay Marriage

Over the last few years my position on gay marriage has evolved. I have spent the last few weeks with gay couples and seeing how they interact. Any reservations I had about the idea was wrong.

There were those who can't look beyond their bigotry and challenge their assumptions. I am talking about peers who refused their sworn duty to uphold the laws and above all treat the public humanely. Funny, that until my vocal opposition to bigotry at work, I was known as a Conservative. When this mess started, I told the instigators I am not on board with failure to perform and carry out my duties.

I also won't hear lectures about courage from knaves. When I was threatened with termination for refusing to carry out orders I knew were illegal I stood up and placed my career on the line for what I believed in. I also paid a very high price for upholding those ideas. The mistreatment I endured for years until the system righted the wrongs is best described as workplace bullying. The mistreatment directly impacted my career.

From that point forward, I made a choice to be a mentor and never allow anyone to feel bullied. I spent my time teaching new peers the ropes and avoided notice. My initial fight was to see the system respect the public and treat the public as humans. My experiences led me to rethink things and see for myself. As a NYC resident gays are very much a part of the community and always have been as far as I can recall. The notion of mistreating people over a private matter is repugnant to me.

I am thankful that I don't hold onto ideas that I know are wrong out of foolish pride or vanity. It also helps that it is unthinkable not to show law abiding members of the public heart felt hospitality. When one comes to my work space I welcome them and get them to relax, unless there is a reason not to.

I don't call all those who oppose gay marriage bigots. My reservations were about government intrusion on religious terms. I also grasp the notion of legal equity and fairness. Some of us need to rethink the mater and look at ourselves.

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