Saturday, November 30, 2013


Those of you I talk with off line understand the troubles I faced. When I left my assignment in Vermont I experienced work place bullying. It was blatant and obvious to those who were around. I was subjected to brutal treatment and subjected to absurd charges.

One of the culprits falsely labeled me a problem worker. The culprits were removed from my area and magically my rating is now outstanding. The irony is the same person who falsely labeled me sub par had to sign the certificate.

This person is retiring after a long career. As he is on his way out, I spoke to him and asked him why he allowed this abuse. Beaky when X gets on a roll look out. You know how obsessed she gets and it was a mistake. I pointed out multiple practitioners spoke to him and pointed out this error. Beaky, when X gets on a roll it is easier to get out of the way. I am sorry.

It doesn't sound like much, but it is better then most get. Had I been merely average or weaker I would have been broken by this treatment. In essence, this boss is right on a level, it takes courage and strength to do the right thing. I don't look down upon someone for lacking courage, because it is the norm. Oddly, I will continue to pay the price for being bullied. I was not given opportunities my skills and dedication earned long ago. Yet rather then pout, I dedicated myself to teaching the new staff how to survive in a demanding job. I pointed to my door and reminded new officers that the place was much different when I arrived.

I will also credit another former boss who was more blunt when she got promoted. Beaky, I should never have written those reports but you know how X is. Now that I am running the spot you will be left alone.
She also took on some of the bullies because it suited her agenda. I was one of the few that backed this person or had anything good to say.

This person who stood by will be retiring soon. Believe it or not, I will go to honor him at whatever dinner
they throw when his retirement is formalized.

Oddly, I owe part of my redemption to a person I trained and later became my boss. She pointed out that I was very easy to manage and was unfairly maligned. Newbies asked if I was jealous that someone I trained became my boss. I told them I was elated for her and would have chosen her over myself as a better candidate. Also my career for all intents and purposes was over with the bullying. My chance to move up was tragically lost due to the obsessions of a deranged lunatic. My focus was to serve the public to the best of my ability and make sure my peers had a chance to get those opportunities denied to me.

Sometimes, I am sorry is enough. I can't get my name or career back. However, it is obvious my critics were very mistaken.

One thing that is odd is the propensity of those promoted due to nepotism to be bullies. Competent people grasp the value of using people's talent to the best of their abilities. We win and lose as a team and those that
did not earn their roles don't know the first thing about teamwork, leadership or competence.

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