Sunday, November 24, 2013

Will be on the Gathering Storm this Week

On Friday, I will be calling in to talk with Warren. Fridays are difficult days in my office because that is the day we do three functions. We receive attorneys and close old cases. We also clear the decks for new cases. This week I cleared 19 cases out including four that had to be reworked from scratch because a poorly motivated peer failed to move them. A typical Officer moves twenty a week my numbers are to the North of that figure. Lastly we prepare for Monday and get a jump. My schedule was 7-7-4 which is almost capacity. It has been bumped to 8-7-4 and will likely go higher. As I am well prepared I can move quickly and get a jump on Tuesday.

 The cases for Wed. are dreaded local cases that have been around for years and that four is a very difficult number. This is especially bad when these imbeciles who have cases going on for decades refuse to hire an attorney. Sorry but most of these clods found the time and money to hire smugglers but can't afford an attorney or refuse to do so. When you read about horror stories in the paper read carefully to see if the unfortunates hired a professional.

In any immigration reform the public should be charged extra for not having forms filled out by licensed professionals/ They should also be charged extra for subsequent applications. After number three they should be barred from filing unless it is handled by a professional. These poorly prepared forms waste the governments time and resources. Of course one does not hear crusading journalists ever spend a second asking why people use travel agents and beauticians to prepare frivolous applications that waste time or resources.

That being said I will make a phone call and talk to Warren. I am stunned that I don't think I have been a guest since 2008.  I think Warren and I did a show later then that. Thus far the Duck has never shown up on the air when I am there. He is obviously enjoying some North Korean or Venezuealan goodies made by Workers Paradise peasants.


Always On Watch said...

I'm hoping that TMW will be able to phone in on Friday. Her availability to do so depends on her work schedule.

Duckys here said...

How is she doing, AOW?

Always On Watch said...

I talk to TMW by phone almost every day.

She's working as a home health aide. When she was here helping us back in 2010, she decided that she wanted to make a career of that kind of work. I myself would never choose such a career, but she clearly is suited to it. And she goes the extra mile for her patients. In fact, she's having Thanksgiving dinner with one of them and his family.

Oh, and one more thing....She recently got a cat. An adult Maine Coon. He's great company. She'd have gotten a dog except that the apartment complex doesn't allow dogs as pets. Both of TMW's children are out of the nest and far away.