Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I learned from the DOMA cases

The subject of the DOMA cases remains sensitive at work. There are those who just harbor an illogical hatred in their heart for gays. There is no rationale for this hatred and in general those felling this disdain are not our best and brightest.

One thing that I enjoy with working these DOMA cases is that people should be comfortable with who they are. If you can not accept people for being themselves it is your problem not theirs. The matter is a private matter and those that look down their noses at these individuals are frequently not their social or intellectual equals.

I was hoping that some of the people who are balking would grow up or at least be open to intellectual growth. The sad part is that when you hold hatred in your heart, it says more about you then the person you hate.

Of course our local neighborhood Communist will point out, I despise Communists. Communists are political criminals and mental health defectives who endorse a belief system that has proven lethal and is hostile to the essence of Americanism. Any claim that Communists are enlightened is laughable with their obsessions about Jews and actual Christians. Communism is a moral and mental health defect and this is why Communists frequently play word games to hide their identity.

As for Communists, the old saying is be yourself unless you are a jerk. Communists should smile remain silent as much as possible, take their meds and return to whatever mental health facility they have escaped from as soon as possible.

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