Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Putting Crap Aside

Dr Yeagley has terminal cancer and is in Chemotherapy. I want to point out that I disagree with him on many things, but it was not and never was personal. We share a love of America, but we see it in very different terms. I am still committed to my vision of a big table of equals where everyone who shares a belief in the principles of the founding fathers is my sibling. As Communists like Ducky, reject those values they are not and can never in any definition be American in spirit. In the case of Yeagley. it is tragic because we share a love for the same concept but have a very different view of Americanism.

All of us are not eternal. All of us get the message the Doc has been given at some point unless we die by the hand of God. Sometimes I wonder how much of a favor the man upstairs did by guiding me to safety in two terrorist attacks, transportation and industrial accidents. Yet at the end of the day all of us wonder why we were here and did we just take up space and waste our opportunity. Sometimes, I wonder how much Officer Beakerkin is Beakerkin. I have done some remarkable things and changed lives as an Officer and not so much so as Beakerkin. My love for my daughter, daughter in law and grandchild are close to my heart. I am never happier then when I am with them and I will see them tomorrow. My grandchild who is two called to remind me to bring her Swedish Fish.

I have known many great romances and in my younger days did things that I am not proud of. Yes those loves and wild passions were intense, but my happiest moments of my life were spent with my daughter and grandchild. After that being an officer meant everything to me and enduring workplace bullying and its aftermath was worth the joy and accomplishment the job provides.

I guess as Thanksgiving approaches we look at our lives and eternity and are thankful for our lot. All of us sit with relatives some loved and many despised. I used to love Rav Roov as a kid, but over time his Frum lifestyle and family have grown to disgust me. The brother I knew was a wonderful kid. The incompetent boor with his never ending visits and hypocritical megalomania is not someone I care for. At least on this Thanksgiving I will be spared one of his many visits and yes I am still pissed about the car. I wouldn't be pissed if his useless, stupid know it all wife ever got a job. I would be less pissed if his ignorant kids would seek gainful employment. Funny, all the religious icons had hard jobs and these mendicant fools think a lifetime on the dole is acceptable. Sorry, but marrying a butt ugly wife, making zero money teaching in a Yeshiva is worse then never being born. In truth at least if this mediocrity was a mechanic or worked a real job he would have a life. This religious sloth and going through life as useless, stupid and incompetent annoys me.

I wish my friend Doctor Yeagley courage on a journey all of us take. I disagree with him on many things, but it is never personal. I certainly hope that he finds peace in his remaining time and seeks out those he loves in his final days.

Thanksgiving message to all. Now some of us are going to endure relatives we despise and bad food this holiday. I want those of us to remember how there are those somewhere who are worse of then you. As I munch away I will be thinking of my beloved friend the Vegan who I love but will be eating Tofurkey. I love the vegan as a friend, but Tofurkey is hideous and should only be served at GITMO. As for relatives no family on the planet is worse then Rav Roov who is over every second. The other day I went out for a walk disgusted by the latest of his never ending visits. A drunk driver missed me by twenty feet and I was actually cursing the man upstairs for his bad aim. At least if the driver got me I would be spared these annoying visits. I actually envy the man across the street his brother is in prison. Why Rav Roov never spends any time with his wife's family is obvious as they must despise them as well and they are frum.

I am thankful to all of you out there and want you to count your blessings. It may be bad your days may have some trouble. You may experience an act of God you didn't expect or yet another terrorist attack, but all of this is small potatoes next to the greatest plague God ever invented these repeated and never ending visits of my Frum brother and his obnoxious family. God should have spared the first born Egyptians and just sent Rav Roov and his annoying family to visit Pharaoh  and talk of midah and chesed while being on the dole.


Always On Watch said...

Damn. This is the second "cancer news" that I've received today. Earlier this morning, I learned that one of my blogging friends, GM Roper, has died of cancer.


I had to laugh at this sentence you typed in, Beak:

God should have spared the first born Egyptians and just sent Rav Roov and his annoying family to visit Pharaoh and talk of midah and chesed while being on the dole.

Z said...

Am so sorry to hear about Dr Yeagley...and wish him the best.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Beak...I'm thankful I know you.


Duckys here said...

Beak, check it out

Troutsky's blogging again.

I'm sure he'd be thrilled to have you drop by.