Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lost in talk of Immigration Reform

Any discussion of genuine immigration reform should be expedited removal. A real problem is cases that take decades. They go through endless appeals and there is little penalty for filing frivolous applications. In this case all the applicant has to do is win once.

We also need to alter the laws involving original charges. Any combination of three arrests within the last five years should render a person inadmissible. One or two items can be a mistake but when one is talking three or more.

The asylum system needs to be blown up and restructured. Three arrests in the USA for anything while the case is pending should get the person sent back home. In general this would directly impact the shadiest applications directly. 

Temporary Protective Status should come with a three year cap. No country should be allowed to extend for any natural disaster beyond three years. We still have people here for hurricane Mitch more then a decade later. These people have returned home a few times making a mockery of the system. Situations involving wars should be the sole exception to the three year rule.

People who file their own forms without an accredited attorney should pay a 50% premium. Non attorney forms preparers would have to take specific tests with a federal id annually. Attorneys would have to take a test every five years and be subject to minimum educational requirements similar to CPA's. 

Fee waivers for citizenship should be eliminated. The sole exception for this is for members of the active duty military who should get 50% discounts. Disabled veterans and retired military veterans should get 75%. Those who can not afford the fees should be offered installment plans. 

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