Thursday, November 07, 2013

Workplace Bullying

The Jonathan Martin bullying story has made it to the front page of the New York Times. This is a taboo topic about the American work place that should have been discussed long ago. The reaction of the players shows some of the problems. Incredibly stupid Miami players are blaming the bullied for not stepping forward and quitting on the team. Others blame Martin for having allowed this to go on. This illustrates the rather typical ignorance about this issue. We don't or shouldn't blame battered spouses for being hit.

In most situations the chain of command is the problem. Those in the chain make themselves unavailable or feign ignorance of the situation. Human resources offers zero help, unless this situation falls into an EEO category and even then the person reporting it like in the Martin case is labeled a trouble maker or a quitter.  

The Unions are not very helpful in this regard. Many times they don't inform the target about multiple complaints of a similar nature by this person. In some cases the Union representatives merely add to the problem by telling the target keep your head down. 

I was talking to a person who works in another Federal Agency. We both understood that the real truth is gays and lesbians are frequently the most verbally abused people in the office. The N word is and should remain a taboo. Yet the very same people who would end your career for using that term or at any imagined hint of racism freely utter gay slurs. Maybe when we get to a more enlightened future these terms will be treated with a fraction of the seriousness of the N word. The person was appalled at the conditions I described. 

We need to understand that it is never okay to blame the victim. In many cases management is aware and feigns ignorance that the bullying took place. The abuse of this person by peers is encouraged by the abuser.
Others see it and keep their distance from the victim. In reality if these charges surface few if any witnesses ever step forward. It is part of a culture of unaccountability in the American workplace that needs to be remedied. As it stands unless the abuser bumps into a protected class within the EEO there is no accountability for the worst instances of workplace bullying. 


Duckys here said...

As usual, you jump much to soon.

Martin was having a lot of difficulty separate from any supposed bullying. He had left the team and been put on a "non sports related illness" list.

Now, what he didn't seem to realize was that being on that list means you do not get paid. So the agent is hustling and the result is a very fuzzy and quite possibly inaccurate hazing story.

You shouldn't let the fact that some people at your job site were fed up with your extreme views cloud your judgement.

beakerkin said...


While you talk about film angles and lighting I administer law. The local
chapter of AILA is quite familiar with my work and holds it up as
an example of excellence.

My views are only extreeme when compared to that of a Communist clown like yourself.