Saturday, November 23, 2013

On the Gathering Storm

I called into the Gathering Storm Radio show. I was on for a very short call wishing WC and AOW a very happy Thanksgiving. I have not appeared since 2008. Friday in NYC is a day that we meet with the public and prepare for the long grind of the next week.

Next week I will be close to maximum capacity. I spent the time straightening cases from a peer. My case load was seven, but I selected an extra case for fun. Now I am at capacity and in theory I should not get additional cases. This never quite works out as frequently, my numbers are over capacity. These numbers are produced by preparation.

That being said I should still make myself more available to AOW as a future guest. I tend to be comedic and the show really isn't comedy based. However, some good matured levity is usually good radio.


Always On Watch said...

Hey, Beak!

We have a 3:00-3:30 slot open the first Friday in December.

Next week on November 29, Warren will be our guest. Call in!

beakerkin said...

Friday is typically used for preparation and meeting with the general public and attorneys.

I get my cases early and move them along. I also remove old cases from my office to keep it tidy.

My office was thought to have 150 cases in fact the number was in the low teens.

Duckys here said...

Wonder why they don't invite Ducky on the show?

With the cold weather, I have some time since it's trough to be out with the camera for an extended period.

Always On Watch said...

Consider yourself invited!

How about December 6 @ 3:00? We can chat for about 1/2 hour. The show ends at 3:30.

The phone-in number = 646-915-9870.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving!