Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rare Day With Family

I try to limit my time with the family to 30 minutes. The daughter needed Dad time as her crisis was her cell phone died. I was a short distance away. What is curious is that you can not pay multiple months on her phone ahead.

As I was about to depart the litle dogs made a fuss. The granddaughter (long story) called for me. Against better judgement I spent the evening. My daughter is now almost the size of her mother and rather then me go out again we ordered Tommy's Pizza. I am not a fan of Jalapeno and chicken as I am old school.

When I left it created a huge hole in the family that is huge around this time of year. For the sake of the kid and grand child I will make a truce. The daughter can be quite clever. She had her mom take her to the place we used to eat regularly and showed her my spot at the counter. They renovated the old diner and it is a better place, but I miss the old owner and staff. 

I do love some of the stores on Jamaica. Oddly my daughter wants clay and art supplies, I have no idea what she wants to make. She made me a bracelet I appreciate the thought but never wear jewelry of any kind.


Duckys here said...

Crisis. Her cell phone died?

Don't indulge her out of guilt.

beakerkin said...

I try and keep my visits very short.
It is my style and keeps the peace.
Have no idea why her plan is so stupid. I got the phone charged but apparently you can not pay for multiple months.