Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Did my first DOMA work

I did my first DOMA cases today. The concept of legal equity is one that is at the center of my legal philosophy. We don't have second class citizens gay or otherwise. I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and obey the law and this is the law.

One of the odd things about me is that I am meticulous with certain things. I preach and live preparation before the person walks in the door. On the rare case it isn't possible because I am helping out a peer that has fallen behind or another coworker is sick I endeavor to maintain my high personal standards. Someone asked Joe DiMaggio why he tried so hard. The person is going to see me one and I owe it to them and myself to be at my best no matter what.

Along the way I learned some odd things. If you are having fun people will have fun with you, its infectious. If you get people to relax and instill confidence with a genuine welcome and let them know you know who they are and why they are here it goes a long way. Laughing together with people is a different animal then laughing at them, Be yourself unless you are a jerk and in that case say as little as possible.

The cases went very well. I had minimal alteration of my style and everyone enjoyed their visit. Service with a genuine smile and verve seems to work for most. If you respect the public and genuinely want to serve, the public grasps the real thing as opposed to a painted smile.  


Duckys here said...

Say hi to Mayor DiBlasio.

beakerkin said...

Actually, I intend to refer to him as Cumwad Wilhelm. In short order this city will become Detroit. Crime will go through the roof jobs will disappear and Chairman Clown will talk about his kids hairstyle.

I will perform the Nazi salute when he passes by. I know the little lunatic three names ago. People typically change their name after committing crimes.