Friday, November 29, 2013

Spent time with the daughter.

The daughter knew I was home because one of the Maltese jumped out of the front yard and ran to me. I spent time with my daughter and her adult brother and sister in law. I cooked the Turkey and filled the house with food. The dogs followed me from room to room. When I finally rested the Maltese slept in their normal
spots. It was odd because I typically sleep in the coldest spot as it is easier to fall asleep there.

I made a decent turkey and the daughter in law did the rest. I have grown to love the grandchild who calls my name and drinks whatever odd thing I have. In this case it was warm apple cider. I explained it was an adult beverage and made her premium hot chocolate. Now I somehow got a silly kid that keeps demanding warm cider. I had the granny smith version but the kid kept asking for it. I warned the kid it was sour but the kid asked for more. It is also hard to keep barrel pickles in the house as everyone has learned to eat them even when junk food is available.

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