Monday, November 11, 2013

Return of the Frummies

Being a frummie means that even the simplest tasks in life are beyond your competence. The same frummie dimwit was charged with a single task place one kid on a plane and send him to Yeshiva. That was supposed to happen two months ago. 

My exasperation and anger at these incompetent baboons is at wits end.

My brother needs my car and points out I barely used it and he is broke. I point out he wouldn't be broke if his wife would get a job. Being religious is used a crutch for avoiding work and sponging off others. I am at wits end with these parasites.

My family is concerned what is left of my possessions will end up in Guyana. Better to live in Guyana among the poor and criminal then the pious and lazy. 

The funny part is when these clowns are not around I am known for being cheery and tolerant. I can not stand these clowns and want them to vanish. Twenty five years of sloth and not working. Twenty five years of excuses and pious shit is enough. 

Find your religion on your own dime and get the %*^(*() out of my sight.


Always On Watch said...


You must rid your life of these incompetent baboons!

Duckys here said...