Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saved by Supply Side Economics and consumer stupidity

 A crew from Mississippi came in and fixed our transformer.  That took all of 30 minutes. A crew is now cutting the tree that caused all the mayhem. I have been in touch with AOW and am now trying to figure out how to revive the turtle who went into hibernation. Somehow he knew to come out must have smelled the poached salmon.

Oddly buying big lots at Costco probably allowed me to ride out in ease. I had 72 rolls of toilet paper. enough canned goods for a year or more. I never lost water or gas but the house was 61 degrees. I will do a laundry later. You still can't drive here as the massive tree remains and three more must be cut.

Community leaders are trying to divert Con Ed into an area where a 93 year old is in an area that has power precariously.

I need to do a laundry.

I don't want to talk much about my trip to the flood zone on the other side of the Island. It was bad to see good people cold and hungry. Oddly, I want to give a big middle finger to the useless Christine Quinn. While Bloomberg, Molinaro, Oddo and Vallone Jr were out and about the anointed future Mayor was invisible. I hope those in Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx and most of Brooklyn who are tired of the Manhattan first in everything vote for anyone else.

It was nice to hear Curtis Sliwa on the air just as he was in the days after 9-11. Curtis provided a mix of information humor and nostalgia for the old WABC. To the current WABC please ditch Geraldo who is useless and find Steve Malzberg. It was painful to listen to Geraldo who is a disgrace to the airwaves and knows nothing about NYC. Listening to John Batchelor was a real treat and if I ever get an IPAD is something I will do again.

There is a fallen tree out my window. The branches form a huge middle finger about 20 feet in the air. It is real NYC attitude from mother nature after years of dog salutes and squirells stealing its nuts.

The joke when you go to Costo is when are you going to ever use this junk. I finally have room in the freezer  but for how long freezing rain or snow is headed this way on Wed and we could see round two of blackouts although not by me. this transformer is clear.


Rita said...

I wondered about you in all the news. Glad you're safe.

beakerkin said...

It is hard to see so many good families suffer. I was in a pocket with no power due to a felled tree.
We never lost water and even though land lines failed most had cell phones.

I never was hungry but just the same when the Greek place opened they made me a volcano burger. After three days of salmon anything else was heavenly.

Oddly, I longed for a steel drum.
There was plenty of kindling and it would have made the nights easier,

Always On Watch said...

I hope your turtle is going to make. Poor thing!

During the Y2k scare, I learned how to hoard and where to hoard it. Ever since, I've been making sure to keep a lot of supplies -- "just in case." The one item that I need to be sure to hoard is bottled water, which I always seem to be short of.

Having a gas stove (bottled gas) is the best way to go for a range. Even when the power is off, I can cook!

A steel drum is a great idea! I'm going to look into getting one of those for around here -- "just in case."

beakerkin said...

The turtle was doing well. I gathered slugs and night crawlers which he prefers to salmon. He does like chicken and shrimp. He can oddly smell shrimp even in small quanities and bangs against the glass.

I watched the NCIS episodes I missed.

Alligator said...

Glad you're okay Beak. You are a real 'hurricane warrior' now. Turtles from the temperate zone are tough. They can handle temps near freezing.

As I have personally observed, many urbanites seem to mock people who advocate preparedness with names like "survivalists" "extremists" "wackos" etc. etc. Not too many people laughing in New York now. Our civilization literally hangs by a thread. Natural events, economic upheaval, terrorist attacks or doofus politicians making bad decisions; just about anything could disrupt our technologically based civilization and throw millions into a quandary with no easy way out.

beakerkin said...


I am exasperated that the key Federal building I work in is closed for lack of heat. Are the folks trying to make the Feds look absurd.

That building should have multiple backups.

Always On Watch said...

A Drudge link this morning mentions that the Marines have arrived to NYC. Have you seen them?

Ducky's here said...

Is the expense of multiple backups worth it to ensure you can come in and listen to surf music?

beakerkin said...


I am in a sleepy Jewish enclave South of Todt Hill 200 feet above sea level. The Marines would be on the side of the Island facing the Atlantic about three miles away.

There are some really nasty areas here even in good times. When I was in Guyana the locals told me I had never seen an area as bad as the notorious slum area. I actually took my girlfriend there in the bus and she saw what I was talking about.

There are poor areas where the folks work with the police and folks try to get ahead. Then there are gang infested lawless enclaves.
The Rudy style approach worked in most places some better than others.


As people wait 20 years for service
and I am widely respected for getting things done they could care less what type of music is in the office. Lately I have been listening to Roy Orbison and have a unusual desire to here gasp Gene Pitney.