Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Premature Talk of the Death of Harry's Place

Harry's Place has been off line for a few days. Those on the far left have been voicing approval of what isn't likely the end of a decent blog. The snide remarks come from European critics who think any American to the right of Fidel Castro is a Neanderthal.

My issues with the site are its cartoon like presentation of American issues by the planets laziest blogger Gene. The site selected an off the map Big Labor Socialist who is a dual Israeli American citizen. What % of Americans are dual nationals? What % of Americans are Socialist or are Big Labor types? The framing of American issues on HP were literally framed from a series of Cut and Paste articles from Huffington with the theme Republicans are Stupid Anti Science morons and Obama is the Messiah.

HP ran a series of disgraceful posts about the Tea Party. There is not one bit of evidence that the author ever  attended a single event. This would have been fairly easy as Gene lived in DC and moved to the suburbs. Rather then attend a function and see who is there. I reluctantly went with AOW and was shocked to find mostly decent working class folk who just wanted fiscal sanity and growth. I have made similar trips to NYC
events and found very decent tame folks engaging in Constitutionally Protected Free Speech behaving lawfully.

HP lifted its coverage of the Tea Party from folks at Huffington who similarly don't get beyond a wine and cheese party in a social science faculty lounge. The theme is that if a single person at the a Tea Party event says anything questionable it tars every single person at the event. This is amusing as the number of posts related to this mania about the Tea Party likely exceeded 50.

Meanwhile it remained silent on the entire topic of Occupy Wall Street. Basically it ignored the most rancid forms of Jew Hatred outside of the Middle East and Hugo's failed Workers Paradise. Having spent plenty of time at OWS events it takes no effort to find Jew Hatred, Truthers, people rationalizing violence and a section of lunatics that want to create this generations Haymarket. 

There have been multiple links of OWS members to planned terrorist activity. There have been serious crimes including murder, rapes and large scale property damage at OWS. OWS is neither lawful, nor does banging on a drum while smelling like a landfill qualify as freedom of speech and HP remained silent. The European correspondents do deal with abhorrent behavior from the left as seen in the examples of the London riots. Gene does not do any posts that might make the domestic left look bad. He might do a few anti Chavez posts but that is about it.

Now if a quirky jerk at the Tea Party makes anything that could be construed as a racial remark the folks at HP brand the entire bunch bigots. The same crew turns this logic on its head when discussing OWS. The presence of individuals linked to terrorism, murder, rapes and endorsed by David Duke in his own words means nothing as it is a mass movement made up of many people... Sorry, but these dangerous ignorant lunatics have plenty of links to big labor, big education, big media, trustfundistas and yes the Obama connected ACORN. Obama cronies Bill Ayers and Van Jones have been involved with OWS. Obama gave initial support for OWS and switched the subject as it became apparent that regular folks had grown annoyed at the collection of dangerous lunatics.

The left decries the commenters at HP. One classic imbecile is the hysterical Josh Scholar who pretty much chalks up all opposition to Obama as racist. Another so called expert calls himself Vildechaya who is a Canadian editor who knows more about America because he lived here for three years. I pointed out that Canada does have its own issues with Muslim radicals and terror plots. Salim Mansur and Tarek Fateh both write on the subject eloquently. I got a nasty remark saying "Muslims in Canada keep their heads down". I confronted this paternalistic bigotry to which this jerk used some sort of weasel word bit that it is not bigotry.
The truth is that many on the far left have been playing nasty games with the most unhinged parts of the planet. As Dershowitz pointed out Galloway tries to be more Palestinian then Palestinians themselves. A few backflips about Saddam and Assad and a diet of Bad Jooo er Zionist. Maxine Waters similarly transformed violent criminals in LA burning and stealing into revolutionaries. Amazingly the Canadian ponders what do I know about National Security.

Actually, the way Gene frames the issues there can be no discussion of American issues at HP. There are plenty of decent folks and we don't have to agree, but it boils down to integrity. Ignoring OWS which was a huge issue while running post after post on the Tea Party and Glenn Beck is typical  for Gene. One post hysterically called Beck an antisemite for accurately quoting George Soros. Ask a Jew that practices the actual religion if they would rather sit next to Glenn Beck or Soros. Soros is so despised in the Jewish community that a group that lied about receiving his money had a major scandal. This is rather obvious to someone who has spent time with people who practice the religion as opposed hanging out with bon vivants over fondue waxing about Gore Vidal novels. You don't generally hear Mendy pass the fondue and did you finish reading that book by Norman Mailer in the modern Orthodox or even Conservative community. I only know a handful of radicals in that community as opposed to Patriotic Israel Supporting liberals like Joe Leiberman whom those on the left frequently tar as having issues with dual loyalty. Those on the left whose history includes lies about spies, mindless terror with no links to the Vietnam War and organizers of riots who chanted get the Jews should be the last to question anyone's loyalties.

You can search HP for any trace of patriotism by Gene who seems to think it is rather quaint. In fact you can read plenty into his silence by frequent remarks by Euros claiming patriots are Bubbas of the set of Deliverance.

The truth is that many hard core leftists are completely clueless and we can make our own hysterical cartoon versions. Socialites talking about working class people while living in a world as racially segregated as a KKK event. Lefties practicing New Age religion trying to communicative with Eugene V Debs with a set of crystals. Cocaine and booze are very common at these gatherings of ultra left gadflies. Now I don't like to point to cartoons. However, my cartoons were based upon actual first hand encounters. Your average Christian ( not Liberation theology fakes and Pastor Wright) believes in helping the poor as a calling and is less inclined towards hate then Marxist drones.

I hope HP returns soon and it rethinks the errors of its ways on its coverage of American topics. It is better reading to discuss actual events rather than cartoon scraping cut and paste from Huffington.


Ducky's here said...

So let me get this straight, Harry's Place doesn't repeat your ridiculous paranoid rants about antisemitism (IT'S EVERYWHERE !! IT'S EVERYWHERE)
at #OWS and they are clueless.

I'd say that shoa pimps like yourself are clueless.

I'll tell you Beak, when you go on about ignorance of history you are so far in the damn weeds that you should be much more circumspect.
You're a caricature checking under your bed for antisemites.

Try to join the wider world.

Ducky's here said...

If Harry's Place is down for the count you can always go back to Gay Eagle and jam with Betty Boop if she still posts.

beakerkin said...


The problem at HP is its American coverage is directed by a rather devious Obama cultist. The Jew hatred was a central feature of OWS. Of course OWS and the Obama administration and big labor are linked.

Thus serial links to terrorism and repeated terrorist ties were ignored as anything that might make Obama and the American left bad is shelved.

On non American topics HP is great.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Harrys was down, beginning to get withdrawl.

Gene's articles are great by the way, he always gets the right wing old man mob steaming.

Good entertainment all around.

beakerkin said...


Jokes on you Gene and his band of brain impaired gadflies are older then his critics. It takes no skill to couch surf and cut and paste from Huffington.

Gene lacks integrity, a work ethic, creativity and a clue. For a person who claims to be a "writer" to post unoriginal cut and paste articles is akin to Woody Allen claiming to be a male gigolo.

It is not like I do not recognize brilliant and sincere well thought out positions from people of integrity like Michael Ezra, Sarah, Kolya, Abu Faris and so forth. It takes zero effort to discern a mensch from a fraud. Gene is a member of the bon vivant ignoranti waxing nostalgically about Eugene V Debs and Truman Capote novels over
gin and fondue.