Sunday, November 11, 2012

Didn't take long

The employers of many service industries did a lousy job explaining what Obama II  would do to actual working poor employees. Thank you for cutting my hours and I might have to work two part time jobs rather then one. Unfortunately, employers will opt to get the person with no job. They join the ranks of the underemployed.

The media allowed Obama to hide a horror show class warfare agenda out of Mad Magazine. There will be an amnesty for people who knowingly and purposely broke the law. These new immigrants will petition for relatives in a time when jobs and social service dollars are scare. Of course Obama spelled out no actual plans including Mickey Marxist Affirmative actions scams demanding equal outcomes.

There will be four years of agony and the damage done by Obama will be worse than any natural disaster.

Those who cry about the Tea Party will be watching as freaks from OWS and Soros fronts end up in the Cabinet.
In 2016 many Blacks who are working class will deduce Obama threw them under the bus to promote himself. Adding scores of immigrants to a job market where Blacks are more apt to be unemployed was a slap in the face. Congrats to gays who can marry, only these Obama policies will mean you might hold your reception in a soup kitchen. Congrats College grads you voted for Obama so his fat cat University Clown friends can make 6 figure salaries for 15 hour work weeks with sabbaticals and you get worthless paper, mountains of debt and if your lucky a job in Starbucks. You voted for Obama and will get immigration reform and may have to work three bad jobs that don't exist to survive.

The media let Obama campaign on forward. I am certain that as lemmings go off the cliff they will remember that slogan.

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