Monday, November 12, 2012

Listening to the Oldies

While I do listen to surf music I also do listen to classic oldies from the 1970's. Surf Music was a response to work place bullying. An ignorant supervisor objected to some seventies song for unknown reasons. It was played in my office behind closed doors. As a result of this abuse I chose a music type with few words. Some of the exchanges reveal how painfully stupid the person making the noise was. A woodie in surf music terms is not a sexual term. If you can place surfboards on that other thing you are likely not human or should be working with Ducky's students in Van Nuys. A woodie was a type of car seen in most car shows and I am fairly certain as a young child I likely rode in one. A Church Key has nothing to do with Church it is a bottle opener. The funny part of the song is the opening  "who it is" is almost Guyana type broken English. The song is about friends opening a beer.

As my current boss is functional I can listen to Roy Orbison, Jay Black and whatever whims pop up. I was listening to a collection with the Hippy Hippy Shake and some Donovan on it. I found a best of Jackie DeShannon but no Gene Pitney.

I also do like the hysterical Chutney Music of Guyana. Any songs about social problems caused by way too much alcohol and getting messed up in love. Now one is familiar with the songs of Del Shannon or Orbison to know they have a few broken relationship songs. There is one hysterical one about a guy giving a Trinidadian woman a green card and she ran off with another man. I can't listen to that one at work for obvious reasons. In Guyana the locals love to hear me sing these Chutney Classics with a Brooklyn Accent.
Also singing Country and Western Tunes and Doo Wop in Indian accents usually gets everyone laughing. I introduce myself as Glenn Cammel from Karachi. I also did some stand up routines about NY, Vermont and Guyana. Oddly, the part that is most hysterical was when I describe living with Northwind. Some friends in Vermont pointed out that some of the punch lines are not exaggerated. A chain saw is not an item commonly found in homes in NYC. However, it is found commonly in Vermont and some really smoking hot women and even grannies know how to use them.

If we ever get to waterboard Ducky I have a copy of Exodus sung by Pat Boone. Nothing drives communist Jew haters up a wall more then a Mormon Conservative singing about Zionism. The Henry Mancini Instrumental was so common I forgot that this song has words.

We will survive as a nation. There is a slim chance the business cycle can save Obama from himself. Our job is to keep pointing out the misery caused by the Obama policies and Socialist perversion of our ideas.


Ducky's here said...

If we ever get to waterboard Ducky I have a copy of Exodus sung by Pat Boone.
Make me watch the film again.
Terrible wooden acting, hollow stereotypes, washed out color photography, turgid editing ... terrible film.

Ducky's here said...

I'm surprised you spend so much time mired in nostalgia.

Do you ever widen your tastes?