Friday, November 16, 2012

Out of the closet

I am and remain Jewish and respect the rights of others to practice their faith. I do object and get annoyed at any attempts to inflict these lifestyle choices on me. What annoys me is the utter disrespect for the rights of other people. An odd visit or two well announced is not a big deal. Dropping over at the last second and staying for the whole summer is a big deal. 

Many of us talk about behaviors that are maladaptive in terms of inner city residents. Those that are familiar with people unemployed for decades who live on the phone and have no concept of time are familiar to any resident of a large city. Basically, many of  the same inner city pathologies are found in the lives of the ultra orthodox minus the promiscuity and drugs. There is no excuse for a person with an accounting degree to be unemployed for 25 years. I want to be sympathetic, but I notice their equally pious relatives never seem to be troubled by these annoying visits.

Far too often the religious use this piousness as a crutch for abnormal behaviors. When you point out that mendicant relative A has been unemployed for two decades you get a lecture. When they drop in at the last second and stay for the whole summer you get a lecture. When they intrude into your personal life you get more lectures. 

Now it may be true that these are just annoying people who happen to be religious. However, years of boorish behavior are just too much. I have never cared for these relatives, but this summer it turned to hate.


Always On Watch said...

You had the summer from hell with your family -- the freeloading side.

I know a lot of people of the Christian faith who are NOT freeloaders -- and quite a few who are.

I think they'd be freeloaders with or without faith.

beakerkin said...

I am not so certain that this is the case. We have whole religious orders
pretty much dedicated to sloth.

The Christians with the hands out are working to help poor people. Monks in orders do back breaking work in between studies.

What is most upsetting is the last second nature and then staying for ten weeks. Imposing your nuttiness on others is a bit much.

When a Christian comes you don't have to alter your menu or daily routine much. Also assuming people
(bachelors) don't have plans and popping in at the last second is not religious nuttiness it is general boorish behavior.

You are 50% correct.