Saturday, November 10, 2012


There was no reason for the CIA director to resign over his adultery. While it was not the smartest thing to do it was a private matter between a husband and wife. This action did not rise to Clintonian levels of pathological behavior of predation that clearly at times passed the definition of sexual harassment.

The sexual relationship was not with a subordinate.

In the era of Clintonian excess, some people still have the honor and class Bill Clinton lacked. Of course while actual women were complaining about gross behavior of Clinton the so called feminist movement gave him a free pass because of his support of abortion. 

The funny thing is sexual harassment is a serious issue for most women even in surprising places like the US government and the military. The Clintonian saga shows that in practice these laws are merely conveniences for government or media to pursue at its whims. Thus the same media that crucified Herman Cain made every excuse to rationalize far worse Clintonian behavior.

Bill Clinton was a better President then Obama, but lacks class and integrity. Unlike Obama he can never honestly be called clueless or stupid. The ultimate Clintonian joke is his best remembered quote is "I never had sex with that woman".


BB-Idaho said...

General Petraeus could have kept it
covered up. But the code of West Point..duty-honor-country, is deeply ingrained, especially in a leader like him. In addition, since the FBI held the hundreds of damning e-mails, it was a story that was bound to break sooner or later. Like those you mention who
gave Clinton a free pass, there are many who would give Petraeus
a free pass, myself included...'affairs' are the norm in politics, business, churches nad the military has its conduct unbecoming
: but some few, like the General, hold themselves to a high standard and are unwilling to live a lie as a hypocrit.

beakerkin said...


I respect the General and his failure was a human failure. There is zero evidence that this was part of a pattern of pathological behavior.

It is a shame that given the Obama comedy hour is now playing for another four years we need men of competence and honor more then ever
in DC.

It is sadly our loss and shows the difference between men of honor and
Bill Clinton.

Always On Watch said...

Apparently, there's more to what's been going on.

This morning, I read something about threatening and stalking emails, some of those emails apparently sent by Petraeus himself.