Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It looks like Twinkies may rise again

I had no doubt some buyer would produce twinkies. However at work I had what I thought were my last Devil Dogs. My mother always put these in my lunch. I actually liked the fruit pies as a kid. Part of the fun of being a father is sharing things with your kid. Somehow my odd love of barley has been picked up by my daughter who looks for it in soup and served as a side.

Similarly my fathers love of Pistachio ice cream got passed to me and onto my daughter who was curious as to what that strange green ice cream is. Hostess and Drake's products were always in my home and around my desk. Sharing a twinkie with my daughter is a good memory.

I was watching my daughter and preparing to pass her a bag of Sour Patch candy. Without warning her two year old niece ripped the bag from my hand. Do note the two year old does not do that with other packages.
I guess I will have to switch brands. The kids messed me up by eating an entire jar of barrel pickles as I left popcorn and pretzels around. I enjoy the B &G brand but will buy others on occasion.

On the brighter side my daughter has started to love reading. She is not at my level or that of Rav Roov, but she does it on her own. It is not important that she is not reading the financial page or even the heavy books
that I read at her age. This will come in time and the love of the printed word comes first.

It is a safe bet that on Christmas morning my daughter will have Swiss Miss and Twinkies with her Nook reader.


diamond dave said...

Just heard a news story that a judge ordered Hostess and the bakers union to mediation. So Hostess may not quite be dead yet.

Ducky's here said...

Training the kid to become a diabetic?

Always On Watch said...

A love of reading makes life so much better! Start 'em early!

I never got many Hostess treats as kid. But almost everyone else at my school did.

I love those Hostess pies, but Mom's pies were better.

Mr. AOW said...

The deal fell thru. Goodbye, Hostess Sno-balls!

beakerkin said...

Mr Aow

I think Snoballs were the only item I couldn't eat.