Thursday, November 15, 2012

Better Gay then Frum

Over years, I have grown less patient with the bombastic religious zaniness and cultural backwardness of frum relatives. These religious mendicants inflict their lifestyle on others and just drop in at the last second.  A gay relative would not cause so much disruption and would not be as embarrassing.

A gay relative would have the class to call well in advance before they drop in. A gay relative would not disrupt any aspect of my life. A gay relative would respect that others live differently and leave others alone.
A gay relative would also not be a cultural ignoramus and understand things beyond religious texts.

I have made my choice to be buried in Guyana away from these relatives known. There is to be no prayer no marker and my ashes are to be placed in the local river.

I was merely annoyed with these visits until the summer. After week after week of this I will not deal with this any more. I am still culturally Jewish, but there will be no more services, rituals or community functions. I was never religiously inclined and I resented it being forced upon me. I spent my formative years yearning to be free from being something I was not. For years I pretended to be someone I was not. I didn't do it well and my disdain and departure comes as no great shock.

The Hindu relatives cause far less disruption and are less annoying. Pretty much it is take your shoes off don't eat beef and pork and that is it. The alcoholic binges and having relatives that are simple can be a pain, but nowhere near as annoying as the frummies. What makes frummies annoying is you must cater to their demands, lack of consideration and class.

Too all those people that complain about having gay family, you have it easy. Dealing with dogmatic backwards people who just don't respect others and cause you to cater to their lifestyle quirks is much worse.

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