Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heading to Applebees

I am personally going out of my way to eat at Applebees. If the left wants to boycott fine, but I will put my money in business that are being annoyed by lefties. If commercial pizza were not inferior to local offerings I would head to Papa Johns. I will devote blog space to Applebees and give a nice report. Other then the dreadful Subway and hit or miss Aubon Pan my reviews are usually good.

Lefties want to boycott and I want to be 100% behind those that are being harassed by the deranged left.

I would go tomorrow but my daughter wants the Greek place. She loves the family type of atmosphere where the staff and owner know me for twenty years. Sometimes he even knows my order before I walk in.
It isn't too difficult to know what your customer likes after 20 years. Funny how the spot was special to me got passed down to my daughter. Then again when I walk in Coney Island I remember the shooting arcade near the cyclone. I used to head there and remember him until they tore it down. Most of the places I used to go in the mountains are gone. Even my local pizza place and Chinese place did not survive Obama. Its tough when places you have gone to for three decades are gone. I have a better relationship with the Chinese place up the road, but the pizza place was a loss. There is a new family there and the site means something, but I don't know.


Ducky's here said...

Applebees sucks.

Do you ever eat real food?

beakerkin said...

Actually, I have eaten there a few times and it was pretty good. Now that the left has declared a boycott I am going to eat there immediately.

Maybe they should make a special appetizer one big chicken finger or something creative.