Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rot in the hells you advocate

The treasonous blog of Capo Ren has announced it will end. The Capo will be going underground and establishing a new alias in parts unknown. When a tad of light is shined on vermin they tend to scurry into the sewer where they belong.

The cartoon character will comment from time to time. But the loser from MN who rationalized threats against his political foes is DOA. Sorry, but the threats to the children of Junglemom and Elmer's Brother were supporters of his site. The role of the blog host in those events should have been clear this is unacceptable. The Capo said nothing and likely encouraged this bbehavior with his is off line comments to his supporters.

His site does resemble Stormfront with Farmer John and Pagan playing the role of reality.


Ducky's here said...

Ducky, it was an attack on the Labour Party in retaliation for their immigration policies. He purposely targeted government offices and a Youth Camp that was at the time being frequented by teenagers and young adults connected to the Labour Party. It was in effect a Labout Party outing. I should point out here there were no "children" involved, other than teenagers. It was a political learning camp. I will be so bold as to call it a political indoctrination camp.

I won't step so far off the edge as to suggest that this attack was justified, but one thing I will say is it has been a long time coming, and if things don't change you are going to see much more of it. And the longer things continue in Europe at their present rate the more difficult its going to become to offer a valid criticism of such actions.


A post from one of your regulars over at Ren's and you call Ren a hate monger. I don't think so.

sonia said...

Curiously, Ren never fully explained why he decided to end his blog. I noticed that his political positions were getting more mellow lately - he denounced Muslim fundamentalists, he criticized Chavez, he even wrote that the present economic crisis wasn't all that serious. Maybe Ren abandoned some of his more radical positions ?

I noticed too, that when denouncing his blog, you only mentioned things that other commenters wrote on his blog, not things that he wrote himself.

beakerkin said...


The comments by Pagan are not as hateful as the invective hurled by Ren who thinks it is okay to butcher kids in the name of Marx. Those same kids seemed to celebrate terrorism the days before so long as it was directed at Joooos

I do not approve of senseless slaughter. However, the left needs to look at its own actions. The camp does resemble a classic Communist indoctrination camp.


Ren has been a mouth piece for Chavez. As stated by me that he would do so only until his crimes became too blatant and then pick another savior and repeat the process again and again.

He is devoid of critical thought and typically posts cut and paste articles similarly devoid of any rational ideas. Have Athletes foot start a revolution. Your neighbors dog pisses on your lawn revolution.

What ideas does the imbecile have other than stoking Jooo hatred and propping up whomever the current savior of Marx is?

The Pagan Temple said...

I was really surprised when Ren justified the slaughter of the Czar's children, three of whom were young teens. I'm not sure the boy was even old enough to be a teenager. He put them on the same level as Saddam Hussein. They had to be killed otherwise people might "rally around them". The only person there who called him on that besides me was Sentinel. Of course, it would be unnecessary for somebody like FJ or CB to denounce such actions or any apologists for them, as we all know where they would stand. Same with Sonia. But none of Ren's allies objected either. Including, I might add, Duckie.

It's easy to see why Lefties found common cause so easily with Muslims. Here you have two sets of people who think the rules of conduct they want to impose on others just don't apply to them.

It's a pretty good indication of what would happen to you, your family, and community, if you opposed their power, or was just perceived as being someone people might rally around, or who might rally around another opponent.

That's why I don't care what happened in Norway. You had there a bunch of people who openly supported the slaughter of Israelis, not just in sentiment but in a proactive manner. And if you opposed them politically, they would have no problem throwing you in prison on some kind of hate-speech charge, like leftists in Holland tried with Geert Wilders, and like they have done in England, Germany, even in Canada.

Fuck them. My conscience is clear.

sonia said...


I was really surprised when Ren justified the slaughter of the Czar's children... They had to be killed otherwise people might "rally around them". The only person there who called him on that besides me was Sentinel.

I didn't notice that comment, otherwise I would have called him on that too.

I noticed, however, going through the entire thread, that Ren decided to give up blogging immediately after you and Sentinel denounced his comment. He made no more comments after that, except saying that he was tired of the whole thing.

Btw, Beak, why do you have a word verification AND comment moderation? It's kind of redundant. Like stabbing someone after drowning him.

beakerkin said...


I was unaware that I have word verification. It is a handy tool as friends of Ren have been known to post hundreds of identical comments every day.

Certain people are barred for life for making criminal threats. We do cut everyone else a wide berth so long as criminal behavior and racial abuse is not in the post.

Ren has never written his own material. His postings were typically cut and paste. I did see the comment in question and Pagan did respond correctly.

In general he associates with some very shady sorts. The knucklehead from the UK makes a regular practice of threatening bloggers.
That is until he messed with Lionheart who gave him a taste of his own medicine and he went running.

I have known Ren's identity and address for a long time. It seems
that a certain demented Israeli sold him out behind the scenes.
Unlike Ren who invaded my privacy
I just dropped hints about Comrade Gassy Sandwich the idiotic Wrestling loon.

FYI A person trained in Law would likely be way above the IQ level of a person that hangs out with steroid abusers in spandex.