Monday, July 18, 2011

A post political world

Our familiar leftist clowns live in a fantasy world where any revolution is considered their bastard child. The clowns of the left live in their own delusions of ignorance
in what is behind Arab Spring. Syria, Libya and Tunisia are hard left Arab regimes. Contrary to popular delusion the Nasserite economy of Egypt is not to be confused with a
South Korea or Taiwan.

The Arab massses want Jobs, housing and consumer good and are fed up with the status quo. The left is prisoner of its Jooooish obsessions and deliberately glossed over a series of evil regimes that have become too blatant to ignore. Syria did not just become a thug regime. They are a BAATH (Arab SOCIALIST party with clear origins in France) party monstrosity that has a dreadful human rights record. Lefties like the Duck also get abnesia when their own man Assad is on record telling fake Psuedostinian Arafat that they have more claim to represent the Psuedostinians than
the PLO. The truth is Arabs viewed the area of Israel as Southern Syria and all this Palestine garbage is merely a fig leaf for cloaking leftist Anti-semitism. Judenfrei
Real Estate has an obvious odious history.

In the effort to join hands with every anti American populist faction ( no matter how
odious) they have done little more than turn a blind eye to brutal corrupt regimes, hand out welfare checks and feed Muslims little more than a diet of populist anti semitism. Contrary to the left and many on the right modern Muslim Jew hared is a Western import from France. Pan Arabism is a leftist delusion where everyone in the middle east is Arab except dem Jooos. Its Turkish corollary led by the leftist Young Turks butchered Armenians and other Christians. One can make an argument that modern eliminationalist antisemitism has roots in Marx, French Anarchism as well as the Koran.

We will see both Chavez and Castro fall soon

Of course there will be convenient excuses and a new messiah of the left. Lefties by nature are incapable of learning actual history and are ignorant beyond a series of pseudo religious tracts that are worthless.


-FJ said...

Hear, hear!

Ducky's here said...

Contrary to the left and many on the right modern Muslim Jew hatred is a Western import from France



beakerkin said...

Eliminationalist Jew hatred is a leftist import from Marxist clowns and Pan Arabist Fwench knuckleheads.

The French roots of Baathism are well known. The Fwench need to be held accountable for their historic crimes.

The Pagan Temple said...

It doesn't happen very often Beak, but this is one tine I'm going to have to agree with the Duck. Blaming the French for the Muslims hating Jews is, well, I don't know anything I can compare that to.

beakerkin said...


Modern Jew hatred stems from the secularists. Pan Arabism was a French export. The religious militants later mimicked the populist leftist technique. Prior to 1980 modern Jew hatred was largely leftist.