Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just who supports bigotry

I am amused by our resident bird brained Marxist linking me to Gert Wilders or the EDL whom I have not written a single post on.

The closest they come is the guilt by association bit with Dr Yeagley. Obviously, these lefties do not read well as illiteracy is considered a sign of authenticity by commies, ask Rigoberta. Had these dullards bothered to look they would have noticed scores of posts disagreeing with the racial hygiene idiocy. Such nostrums offend my American ethos as much as bird brained Marxism.

Meanwhile Ren and Troutsky permit a blogger whose posts are linked by Stormfront to comment without criticism. We have seen plenty of Jews control America and the media bit from this same crew as well as non responses to Jews blew up the WTC. The fact is that whien a genuine Jew sees a commie, he looks at them similarly to the way a Black Man views the KKK.

One does not see Pam, AOW or myself saying this is anything other than a crime. Killing civilians is wrong and there are no rationalizations. We do not mince words when Muslims or Commies commit these crimes, nor do we mince words when others commit them.

Sorry, but the same crew that feigned ignorance of the crimes of Lori Berenson, Carlos the Jackal
and Bill Ayers need to give it a rest.


The Pagan Temple said...

What's wrong with Geert Wilders anyway? Oh yeah, I forgot, he doesn't want unlimited Muslim immigration into the Netherlands. What a horrid little man he is for not wanting his country to turn into a third world sewer.

Ducky's here said...

Let's go real slow for Officer Strutter. No, you haven't been vocal about Wilders or the EDL, that stays with the folks to you link to.

However, the vulgar bigot Geller (or, since you're on a first name basis, Pam) is one of your favorites. Why, because just like the others, she hates Muslims.

So why not just own it. You are part of the right wing hate machine and that's that.

beakerkin said...


In this case I haven't bothered to comment on Wilders. I typically do not bother with Euros. In this case the Duck is imagining posts that do not exist.

Now the Duck who is big on denouncing guilt by association when it is Ren and Troutsky and Nazi commenter types or those who threaten bloggers families has changed his tune.

Lets see Ren and Troutsky are linked to an actual Nazi named LWB
who comments freely without critique from Ren. Ren knowingly hosted two bloggers who threatened families of those opposed to Communism. In the case of John Brown and Slave Revolt families were threatened. Slave Revolt is connected to his advocacy for Hugo
and feigning ignorance about the series of threats to Jungle Mom does not seem credible.

Pam Geller has commented here and visa versa. Do note that when she started Maverick News Network we
were not invited. The reason is we do not post about Islam regularly.

Your claims might have weight if they were written about David Horowitz or Richard Poe with whom I sometimes correspond off line.
Obviously, you have missed many posts that state our problem with Islam stems from leftist types sowing unrest.

One can find plenty of decent Muslims with zero effort. One can not find a decent Progressive anywhere. By definition you are the enemy of mankind and are on a par with the Nazis communists frequently align with.